Battlefield 3 - Caspian Border might get opened for the Open Beta

DSOGaming writes: "In case you've downloaded Battlefield 3's beta, you'll surely noticed that the Caspian Border is included in the map lists. According to EA, this map is currently password protected and is only available for internal testing but, there is a possibility that this awesome map might get opened for everyone during the open beta phase."

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Sheikah3203d ago

I wouldn't be suprised. Dice has a tendency to make the "community" challenges (Ala "perform accumulated kills for Wake Island for BF1943 or w/thatwas)

Moo7a-Seven3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Everything Battlefield 3 is getting now is just an undeserved hype just to earn a quicker reputation and to get more money by scamming players with the game that is just a regular but way too OVERRATED FPS.

soundslike3203d ago

"just to make it more famous faster and to get more.."

confirmed angry pre-teen ramblings

uncharted563203d ago

dude tell me one game out there that offers the same mp experience that battlefield 3 and bf series has offered. None. Stop trolling and actually try the game.

Ser3203d ago

Wow, you've gotta be kidding me.

If anything, Battlefield 3 is fully deserving of the hype. The last time a Battlefield game was hyped this much was for the launch of BF2.

john23203d ago

Well you could say that for the Metro map and its Rush mode (that map is streamlined as there are not enough vehicles) but I'm sure there will be better maps with vehicles. And don't forget the Conquest mode that will be full of jets and vehicles.

Tell me one game (apart from ArmA series) with the MP scale and mayhem of the Caspian Border

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fluffydelusions3203d ago

I wish the beta lasted till the game released lol.

JoGam3203d ago

I wish the beta was on the PS Store earlier. I feel like they should extend the beta 1 day.

rfowler303203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

awesome, maps are insanely huge on pc, great graphics, betas awesome!!

mastahmind3203d ago

the map is already downloaded if you have the beta..

Hassassin3203d ago

if you search servers you can find ea testing the caspian border map