Planet Gamecast Episode 10 - Favorite Underrated Consoles

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Question of the Week: Most underrated console of all time?

Hot Topic - Multiplayer in games. Should it be tacked on to single player games? Do multiplayer-centric games like Call of Duty even need a campaign?


Rage will Span 3 Discs on 360
Arkham City Goes Gold
No Enslaved Sequel in the Works
Neversoft Developing FPS Title
Casual Friendly Hero Mode Coming to Ninja Gaiden 3
BF3 Pre-orders reach 1.5 Million
Half-Life 2 Ep 3 Hinted at in Dota 2 Client Code
Dead Space 3 Outed
Crytek Developing Homefront Sequel
Deux Ex DLC approx 5 hours

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