Battlefield 3 Beta: PC vs. PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - HD Comparison Video

Check out the latest PC Games video comparing Battlefield 3 on all platforms.

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yewles13204d ago

This is a nightmare. BC2 DOES look better on consoles.

SOD_Delta3204d ago

It looks washed out, but then again its a beta so who know.

omi25p3204d ago

The BC2 beta looked better than the BF3 beta

Winter47th3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Even the PC's version of the Beta has quite a few graphical settings turned off by default.

The Beta is NOT the final retail version to compare it as the final product.

Yes, thank you, bubbles.

Washington-Capitals3204d ago

Console version play terrible compared to the PC version, 30FPS vs 60 FPS makes a huge difference. For people who dont believe, go on youtube and see for yourself.

Moo7a-Seven3204d ago

Everything Battlefield 3 is getting now is just an undeserved hype just to make it more famous faster and to get more money by scamming players with the game that is just a regular but way too OVERRATED FPS.

Dante1123204d ago

Man, why does the 360 version look like that...and the PC version looks to be the best. Dice just sent alot of people off with their PR BS statements.

Pixel_Pusher3203d ago

A nightmare? What are talking about this game is amazing.

FACTUAL evidence3203d ago

Yeah, I remember when 360 fanboys said this was going to look better then KZ3 on console. I El Oh El real hard when I saw this. Guess KZ3 is still fps king graphically. If you guys have a good gaming pc, get it on there.

SixZeroFour3203d ago

kinda odd..the subway part, it looked like the 360 versions color was washed out, but outdoors in the sun it looked like the ps3 versions color was washed out

Pixel_Pusher3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Damn didn't notice all the screen tearing on the PS3 when I played it. Still I'm enjoying the hell out of this game. On the PC this game is perfection.

flankhim3203d ago

Who cares which one looks better! We all like battlefield. Play it on what you gots.

Ravens203203d ago

Graphics aside, this game is MEH. IDK what all the hype is about. Its as good as BC2.

da_2pacalypse3203d ago

console versions look the same. PC version looks a lot better than all of them. As expected, we can all finally stop the fanboy wars... I personally will be getting the 360 version because of my friends. Maybe I'll pick up the pc version when it's on sale (and when i get a few upgrades for my rig)

frostypants3203d ago

It's as good as BFBC2? So, it's as good as the best FPS of this gen? Sounds great!

net1234563203d ago


You just made a BS comment: "ItsConsole version play terrible compared to the PC version, 30FPS vs 60 FPS makes a huge difference. For people who dont believe, go on youtube and see for yourself. "

Even though 60 Fps IS better how can you or anyone on this planet SEE the difference on a 24 Frames per second Video on youtube ?

You cant even see 30 Fps much less 60 Fps because they are not there.

YOUTUBE STREAMS ARE WORTHLESS FOR GRAPHIC COMPARISONS. Not just the FPS but there are tons of things vanishing due to heavy compression.

Youtube is only good for a few limited comparisons. Its funny if people say look at youtube this is prove that game x looks better then y. Animations are hacked artifacts are added textures are blured and many more things. Wonder how long it will take that everyone realizes it. Probably a decade. Its like saying CAN YOU HEAR THE 7.1 loss less Audio on youtube on your Notebook Speakers its clearly better then on 360.

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PC>>>PS3>>>3 60 Case closed. But Killzone3>>>BF3 On consoles.

badboy74283204d ago

i agree which means that the PS3 version can look alot better and that the PS3 is nowhere near maxed out. developers just don't know how to utilize it's full power.

kevnb3204d ago

I didnt think killzone 3 looked very good, killzone 2 looked better thanks to artstyle.

Kleptic3204d ago

^^agreed...I liked killzone 2's look a ton more than killzone 3...almost every change they made to the lighting was for the worse...

the 360 version of BF3 had tons of pop in in the outdoor section...the PS3 version was tearing every other screen...

still can't wait though haha...

4023204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

there is not much difference between both console versions in the footage above so its more like this

PC>>>>>>&am p;am p;gt ;>>>>>ps3>/= 360 the ps3 version may look better than the 360 version but not by much but the pc version is a generation ahead of the console version when maxed out.

BF3 doesn't push either console because crysis 2 console version looks MUCH better from what I can see. gears 3 on 360 also destroys the the console BF3 in visual quality so its not only the ps3 that's not being pushed by the game.

most multiplatforms cannot show what ANY platform is capable of its that simple. even the pc version would look much better if it was made exclusively for pc because DICE won't have to worry about assets not being able to scale down to 6 year old console technology

Shadonic3204d ago

if your talking about the battlefield3 graphics then yea i agree.

Washington-Capitals3204d ago

Wait a sec, so when i said the other day, BF3 looks better then killzone on a BF3 article i got labled a troll, yet a ps3 fanboy like this guy can say KZ3 looks better then BF3 and its alright? LOL, the irony.

SweatyFlorida3204d ago

@ Washington-Capitals loool because your wrong. KZ3>BF3 on consoles. There's no irony, your just plain wrong and probably a Battlefield fanboy at that.

Sorry but BF3 will only shine in all it's glory on PC, on consoles it's mid-high graphical game but surely not able to beat KZ2/3 or some other games like UC2/3 or Gears 3 or GOW3. I love Battlefield, even more than Killzone but I'm not blind as to see that what footage has been showed so far of Ps3/360 footage, though great, is not the best graphical game on consoles.

Autodidactdystopia3204d ago


"i agree which means that the PS3 version can look alot better and that the PS3 is nowhere near maxed out. developers just don't know how to utilize it's full power."

You have got to be kidding me. ROMFFL


DaTruth3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

For the other game comparisons: Battlefield has destruction!

Destruction > no destruction!

This is the no.1 reason I'm already looking forward to next gen; consoles just can't do full destruction, 60 fps, or openworld with any kind of decent graphics!

Uncharted, Killzone and GoW are great and all, but some destruction and more open worlds would do a ton of good for them!

raiden113203d ago

are you kidding me? the ps3 has so much screen tearing. just like BFBC 2. I dont get why ps3 fanboys think that killzone 3 has the best graphics? anti alias is not that good!(Fact) ugly texture and shadows!(Fact)

I did like the snowy levels in killzone 3. Maybe thats why people think ps3 has the best graphics?
just compare doom 3 pc with killzone 3 graphics? texture quality,anti alias, shadow quality? a 7 year old pc game could beat killzone 3 graphics(fact) FEAR 1 on pc still will beat out killzone 3 graphics. KIllzone 3 doesnt stand a chance with METRO2033!(fact)

My pc is only AMD ii x2 245 processor
4 gb ram
1 gb GTS250(secondhand)
1 terabyte
it only cost me less than $250!(Fact)
these are specs when comparing killzone 3 and doom 3, fear,metro2033..

frostypants3203d ago

KZ3 sure is pretty, and easily the best looking console FPS, but I just couldn't get into it. I'm addicted to the Battlefield style of play though.

frostypants3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

You say BFBC2 on PS3 has a lot of screen tearing? I've been playing the crap out of that game since its release and haven't once noticed any. If it's there, it has no discernible impact on anything.

@StanLee (1.3) below:
Of course the PC version looks better when on a $700+ PC. I would hope so.

Frankly, BFBC2 wasn't the best looking game in the world when it was release on consoles. It's superior gameplay that sells it over other FPS games, not superior graphics.

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StanLee3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I don't know if BFBC2 looks better but BF3 isn't a huge improvement over BFBC2 on consoles short of added particle effects and better destruction. What is clear is the huge difference between the PC and consoles. That's a bigger media fiasco. Bobby Kotick said as much when the game was announced and DICE started releasing media for the game. Everybody jumped down his throat even though we all knew he was right. Now you see how right he was.

Edit; The console versions don't look that different. Anyone saying the PS3 version is better than the XBox 360 version is being optimistic. You can't tell in this video. What you can tell is how much they both suck compared to the PC.

qwertyz3204d ago

exactly both console versions look similar in the video we'll have to wait till release to compare but the pc version still makes them look like ps2 games but the pc footage doesn't do the pc version any justice either

squallheart3204d ago

Well I agree. Anyone thinking the console versions are going to look different are delusional. A multi platform developer will always make the console versions look similar as to not anger either side. Pc is the only one thats goign to be pushed. Im still getting it for my ps3 thougn. I have an high end pc but not much of a pc gamer, use it mostly for video editing.

JellyJelly3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I actually have the 360 beta and I can say as much as the rumor that it has low-res textures isn't true. It has a texture loading problem so sometimes it takes a couple of seconds for certain textures to "pop in".

It's pretty buggy overall with lots of screen flashing and sound problems. After having spent quite a few hours with Gears of 3 the graphics in the BF 3 beta look like dogsh*t in comparison.

It's evident that the beta version is nowhere near final, and I expect the retail version to be very different, especially graphically.

NCAzrael3203d ago

There actually is a difference in the console versions. The problem is each one has an advantage the negates the other's advantage. In the underground portions of the game, the 360 looks rather washed out. The blacks are more of a blue, and the colors look really dull, while the PS3's black levels are far superior, and the color pallet looks really well defined. Once you get to the outdoor areas, though, it's a complete reversal. The colors on the PS3 look muted, while the 360 looks very vibrant.

The thing that kills me though is how pissy everyone gets about the PC version looking so much better. How is it that after so many years people still expect consoles to be right up there with PCs in terms of performance and graphics quality? Seriously, the PS3 has 256MBs of RAM for the system and another 256MBs for video. The 360 has 512MBs of shared RAM that is split between the system and video. One of my video cards (I repeat, ONE) has four times that amount of memory, and my system has two video cards. And that's just my video memory. I have 8GBs of RAM for system memory, not to mention a 2GB page file on a solid state hard drive.

Whoever expected the console versions to be on par graphically with the PC needs to have their medication increased, 'cause they be crazy.

The real focus should be how well the different versions play. So long as the console versions don't lag out and stutter any time some heavy fighting is going on, or get horrible screen tear for that matter (yes I'm looking at you PS3), then there shouldn't be anything to complain about.

Ju3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

The colors seem to be a direct effect of how lighting is implemented in either version. IMO, the PS3 lighting is actually closer to the PC version than the 360. It looks a lot more dynamic than in the 360 version, which appears very static to me. This is set off by the screen tearing in the PS3 version - which is somewhat strange because I did not experience it that bad when actually playing the Beta. It has tearing, no doubt about that, but this video looks awful; either the screen refresh hides this somewhat when playing or the capture device somehow has troubles with the sync.

I think the game looks great and the video doesn't do the actual game justice. The maps are huge compared to other game, destruction is there, but still very subtle - at least in the Beta there is no full destruction (splitting pillars doesn't go beyond what we saw in KZ3, tbh). Triple buffer should also remove the tear - which e.g. KZ3 does not have at all; KZ3 still beats it, no doubt about it.

It's fun to play. It still plays like all the Battlefield games before. No CoD, indeed.

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dantesparda3204d ago

how do you get the beta? i have the MOH LE game and i still dont see it

Ju3203d ago

PS3? Go download it from the store. Not even sure if you need MoH (it did some "authorizing" when I downloaded it). Search for it; it's also in the yesterdays "latest update" list on PSN. 360? have no idea.

Spitfire_Riggz3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Honestly FROM THIS VIDEO, the PC version doesnt even look that much better than the consoles. This is the only time it has seemed that way though so i blame the video

Brawler3203d ago

only problem i saw in the ps3 version was that screen tearing which was ridiculou otherwise. PC > ps3>xbox360 for this one luckily i have this for pc :D

TheXgamerLive3203d ago

pc was best BUT The ps3 was better inside, and the Xbox 360 was better outside as far as consoles go, BUT i didnt like what I saw at all. I hope this was a very early build b/c it's to late to actually address all the issues as it's expected to go gold in a week or so.

RumbleFish3203d ago

Why this much tearing again on PS3? Seems that I will only buy one version of this game instead of two.

bayport3203d ago

How are we supposed to tell which is better on crappy internet vids.

The quality of the videos is horrible.

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Convas3204d ago

How can one come to any sort of objective judgement when viewing on these crappy german video players?

4023204d ago

you really cant tell the difference between both console versions using the low res footage provided I'd rather wait till release before passing judgement because DICE did say both console versions will look the same

JellyJelly3203d ago

Don't bother. It's typical PS3 fanboy behaviour to want to take out victory in advance, without proper evidence.

They will proclaim the PS3 version as being superior no matter what.

raiden113203d ago

PC (Ten years ahead of consoles) fact!
PS3 (With all the screen tearing how could you put this version on the middle? screen tearing is so evident) just like the retail version of BFBC 2, screen tearing is a must?

MGRogue20173204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

When it comes to Battlefield titles, You should always go for the PC version, everyone knows that. :P

Of course I can understand if you only have a console.. but, it goes without saying that if you want teh ULTIMATE experience of Battlefield 3, PC version is for you.

I'm actually getting the game for both PC & PS3, myself.. 'cause there are going to be times where I'd like to just lay back with a gamepad & play.. so...

sarshelyam3203d ago

I'm not sure why a PC gamepad wouldn't serve the same "lax" gaming desire you seek, while still maintaining the "ULTIMATE" experience...and saving yourself $60 in the process!

terrordactyl3203d ago

Because you'd be playing against mouse users and would lose badly. Consoles are an even playing field, with the same control methods and hardware. Also, you can avoid aimbotting, wallhacking etc,.

Dart893204d ago

Ladies and gentleman if you would please direct your attention to exhibit a.

DarkTower8053204d ago

That's for pc dart89, must likely what you see for consoles is what you'll get. No huge graphical optimizations are going to be made from now to release. But I'll reserve judgment till I play it on my ps3 myself.