New PS3 ‘Video Unlimited Preview’ app streamlines movie browsing

The Playstation 3 released a very special app for the PS3 today, for the moment it’s only for PSN Plus users. The ‘Video Unlimited’ service is a new user interface for browsing video content found on the Playstation Store.

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DA_SHREDDER3206d ago

What a freakin waste of resources.

yesmynameissumo3206d ago

I know, right? It pisses me off when they make things EASIER.

Godmars2903206d ago

You mean like when MS reinvents the 360's interface practically every year weather its needed or not?

Number_133206d ago

What does microsoft have to do with this??

Lovable3206d ago

The resources should have been put into making exclus.....oh wait...

Number_133206d ago

. . .that people want to buy

Silly gameAr3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Dude, one game in like 2 years that everyone knew would do well, and all of a sudden other games don't matter. yessh.

yesmynameissumo3206d ago

Before Gears 3, what was the exclusive 360 owners huddled around buy? That didn't have dancing or waving? Use your comments more wisely.

Rikuson13206d ago

man i thought this was psn's netflix or something. you know be a ps+ subscriber and you can watch anyhing on the ps video store for free streaming i was excited for a second..

TheTwelve3206d ago

Saaaaaaame thing happened to me, haha

Rikuson13206d ago

you know what i mean another video streaming service to add to their new TV/Video Service section on the xmb. i mean all over the ps video store that we have right now you see the text below certain titles that say "see it before netflix" so obviously they are competing with them to put that on there. And i personally think if you not allowed to stream the video that they had on the psvs then its not worth it.

darthv723205d ago

i know what you meant. It was just the way you phrased it. Tes the same applies to the 360. Netflix got ousted and so did redbox when it comes to certain movie studio releases.

Funny how new (some not all) releases are available on demand and psn and live and even blockbuster online but not for netflix and redbox. Some deal the studios made a few years back makes those that are 'flix and redbox users have to wait upwards of 28 days to get it through those channels.

Not quite fair when you see the other channels besides retail that are able to get it same day. Sony's service is good and can rival that of netflix but it is more on demand than anything else. You pay for each piece you want to see as opposed to a membership and can watch as much as you want during that period.

I use vudu or my cable companies on demand for new stuff not available on netflix. Then i use netflix for everything else. Especially tv series.

TheDivine3205d ago

They should do something where you get a free rental a month for ps plus and one select older sony picture a week to watch (not own). Ps store is games and movies but plus only deals with games? Also make it where plus can rent sony pictures 2 weeks before they release. It would make plus more awesome and free rentals for sony pictures wont cost jack.

Peenutt3206d ago

its funny. it look like there taking a page from MS, and what i mean is window media (I think that's the name of it)if you every seen it these two things have some similar things about them. MS takes what they like from Sony and improves on it and now it looks like Sony is in ways turning the other check. i personally like the new look, i just hope the font is bigger so i can read it without getting on my tv.

badboy74283205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Update the web browser Sony please

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