10 of the Best: Playstation pack designs

Playstation UK writes: "As Resistance 3 brings its unique style to stores, we pick some of the most memorable examples of PlayStation cover art. Don't judge a book by its cover, they say, and the same goes for video games. Yet what you see on the front of the box will often leave a strong first impression – and no game proves this more stylishly than Resistance 3. To celebrate its release, we've rounded up some of the most striking examples of PlayStation pack art."

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Number_133238d ago

Lol, really? The Shoot??

Stuart57563237d ago

Your 1 disagree is the dude that designed it!

Quagmire3237d ago

I still dont agree on the Resistance 3 artwork, its too hipster compared to the previous two. Even the simplicity of the first games cover outdoes R3's rushed job.

jeseth3237d ago

Agreed. The first Resistance cover is iconic and is easily recoginzable. The 3rd one is, i agree, a little too "hipster" and doesn't fit with the previous two.

BuffMordecai3237d ago

I like the resistance 3 cover; hipster would be if Capelli was wearing lensless glasses, not wearing normal clothing, and drinking Pabst beer. Now that would be a hipster cover.

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