Gamers deserve better than Assassin's Crap (Videos)

Two videos showing the extend of the glitches.

The webmaster is quite angry, beware.

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ShiftyLookingCow4084d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

lmao at first video: Ubisoft's Super Assassin Bros!

edit: I think the animation system deserves praise, you have two Altairs and even though they have the same input, they fight and climb like two different people

Meus Renaissance4083d ago

Lol it actually seemed fun to play against that AI

poopface14083d ago

on the last mission I all the sudden had a clone. I loved the game but the clone was totaly crazy. He did the same moves as me and woud hurt me if I got hit. I actually started to fight my clone when my assissin locked onto him. While talking to the king I found I couldent kill anything but my clone could. He stealth killed me while in the cut scene and I lost. I thought about trying to kill the king with the clone but he got stuck somewhere, and while talking to the king he walked off a cliff and I died. Finaly I loaded at the fight before talking to the king and my clone was gone. Ill miss my clone. althought that was weird I still love the game, and while that is a huge glitch, having a clone was kinda fun. I have the 360 version if you wana know. Framerate good, game good, clone killed me.

socomnick4083d ago

(In crazy Arnold voice)

da cloneS da Clones

Skerj4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

A delay is temporary but shoddy programming is forever. ..unless it gets patched. Those GTA4 and MGS4 delays are looking pretty good now huh?


OMG I just watched the first video, [email protected] fighting Altairs. Killing himself reminded me of the time paradox in MGS3, I thought it was going to say that. This is shameful man, I can't believe that crap made it through QA.

PlayStation3604083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

*To developers* Take all the time you need. Well... maybe not TOO much time. :P

ShiftyLookingCow4083d ago

haha imagine if Puke Nukem Forever was released in 2001

Skerj4083d ago

I forgot to add the Duke Nukem Forever clause. That game is never coming out, that's why George Broussard always gets pissed whenever someone mentions it in a negative way. He knows the truth!! And if it does see the light of day it's gonna suck sooooo much but it's still going to sell a ton because everyone will want to see what 10 years of development time does. There's been 2 console generations during that time.

fury4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

The more comprehensive and the more realistic the games get in the future, the more bugs there will be, which we have to get along with.
Still, it's not right to rush the release of a game and let the gamers be the Alpha/Beta tester. The overall quality of the games has greatly improved, however the bugs need to be minimized to a mininum. Patches can't be a solution for console games in the long term. In case we need to wait a little bit longer to enjoy a game almost bug-free. Good example is GTA IV. The game will be very complex and extensive but I could imagine the release date will be pushed back further and further to prevent bugs in the final version.

ShiftyLookingCow4083d ago

Take Uncharted its at least as complex as Assassin's Creed, I haven't seen any major bugs like this. Publishers should stop rushing their games to the market.

mesh14083d ago

darth it is not 0 chance of that in assasin cread there is a living city sandbox that makes a huge difference to uncharted which is a run and gun game like gears of war dont compare then plz as ac even tho lame is of a bigger scale.

ThisIsWaiting4083d ago

Ive been playing AC quite a bit and havent seen any of those issues.

Danja4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

same here I haven't experienced ne probs other than repetitive missions and sometime's crappy A.I...maybe the problem is isolated..and being exaggerated as usual..!!.

This is a good game , ppl need to stop dogging it until they've played it..

EDIT: WOW a disagree for stating my opinion / experience with the game..!!

DrPirate4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

I'm in this group.

Just beat the game last night at 3 in the morning. 25 hour playthrough, but I got 100% of the memories, but not the additional memories. Haven't encountered a single lockup or freeze, or glitch, or bug.

I'm on the PS3 version, framerate has been clean for me, the only graphical issue was tearing on the view point pans, and turning the camera as fast as I can.

Good game I might add, very compelling story, but curiously unfun....Potential for good sequels if they improve the formula.

Edit: wow at the disagrees. I'm really sorry I loved this game....

ThisIsWaiting4083d ago

I guess people dont think I've played the game for a good amount of time? lol

friggan internet nerds ...

IrishAssa4083d ago

ye I just finished the 7th Assassination(I H8 Water) and havnt experienced any of these problems, people really do have to play it instead of reviews and videos they just don't compare to when ur playin it

Daxx4083d ago

AC does not deserve all the sh*t it's getting. It's a very fun game, but it needs a little bit more depth. If the missions had a lot more variation AC could of won GOTY.

(Before anyone disagrees with me check my XBL profile to see that I've actually played the game and that I'm not making this up)

Snukadaman4083d ago

I have not experienced any of these problems....this game doesnt deserve the amount of hate it is really a good game that I usually dont like stealth type games but the only thing I hate about it is the modern time settings....but I guess it is a part of the story but give us a option too pass it up....

eLiNeS4083d ago

I have completed the game and now working on getting the rest of the achievements and have not seen any of these problems. I have seen a few glitches that don't bother me a ton but funny to see. I mad a video of them, take a look

poopface14083d ago

I hade no issuse at all till this morning on the last mission I had a clone. Although strange, controling the clone was fun (except when he killed me durring a cutscene). I was able to load without a clone and It was normal after that. Even though I had a clone I still love this game. the clone can kill people when you cant, so I was wondering if I could use the clone to kill the king (durring the cutscene when the clone stealth killed me/ I killed myself).. Ill try it someday. Fighting the clone is hilarious except you cant win.

erosevaporator4083d ago

The only glitch I have experienced so far is the freezing glitch. Although it looked cool both times it happened, because in the first instance I was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and stopped in midair. I could rotate the camera, and that was sweet. The second was during a leap of faith, and the same thing happened. It sucks that these exist, but it really isn't that big a deal. It has freezing. For the love of god, turn your console off, and start again. It's not like the game doesn't save when you enter a city, or sync with eagle vision....calm the hell down. It sucks, but it isn't a game killer.

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