Rely On Horror: Hands-On with Silent Hill: Downpour, 40 minutes of gameplay

Rely On Horror: Silent Hill: Downpour has to be my most anticipated horror game this generation. The series’ previous outing on HD consoles didn’t fare too well. Silent Hill: Homecoming was an underwhelming experience marred by design flaws and a lack of understanding for the series’ lore. Silent Hill: Downpour looks to remedy the gaping hole in the hearts of Silent Hill fans by providing an engrossing experience.

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MehmetAlperTR3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Fighting with monsters via Chairs ?! No thanks.. it looks very bad..Fighting scene is very bad. Other than that everything is beauty.. atmosphere is good for horror game. just i didnt like the fighting way to the monsters.

lastdual3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Looks significantly better than the E3 footage, although that may just be because this player isn't as terrible.

Honestly, survival horror games are so rare these days that I can look past a few clunky aspects as long as the atmosphere and basic mechanics deliver.

n4gisatroll3200d ago

I don't see why people hate on this game. It looks way better than homecoming. I personally think it looks to have more atmosphere then most the SH games. But for sure, SH2 is the best survival horror game ever.

AriesSiren3200d ago

looks amazing and i cannot wait for this title!!! glad its delayed so they can polish the title.

TheMutator3200d ago

sorry but this is not Silent Hill!!