eGames 07: Wipeout HD Hands-On Preview

Wipeout HD is part of Sony's large showing at eGames '07, and sits in a cargo container-like booth alongside another soon-to-be released downloadable title, Pain. The demo only features one track, which unfortunately limits the scope of any impressions of the title. However, the game is apparently made up largely of tracks from prior Wipeout iterations, so in a sense this does not present an issue. In short if gamers have enjoyed previous Wipeout games, they will know what they are in for. If they haven't, expect lightening-fast racing in a Blade Runner-styled universe with enough weaponry to take down other players, should their racing skills be lacking.

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Skerj3988d ago

The Playstation Store will officially rock forever once this hits. I'm sad they cut Feisar though, that was my favorite company. I'm guessing it's going to be like 14.99 or something.

Darkiewonder3988d ago

That's my guess. they'll make a bit more after they put out the mode pack [because they took out a few options to release this game early? ;o]

Skerj3988d ago

Oh yeah I forgot about that, fortunately the stuff they axed wasn't that major. If it's 9.99 (which I was hoping all along) then the sales will roll in, especially since it's online.

lodossrage3988d ago

I've been waiting for some new Wipeout Joy.

Let the games begin!!!

gamesblow3988d ago

they need to release fire pro hd for the psn. That would kill!

MaximusPrime_3988d ago

WipeOut already killed Fatal inertia.

I would also like to see a remake of Rollcage and Colony wars. Anybody agree?

lodossrage3988d ago

Also, G-Police would be nice too.

Maybe even a new destruction derby as well

DJ3988d ago

I think it's coming out on PSN as a PS1 classic next month.

Biphter3988d ago

On Rollcage. Fantastic franchise that needs to be brought back.