Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Beta Has Low-Res Textures

NowGamer: The Battlefield 3 Beta has gone live today, and early indications are that, if the beta screenshots are anything to go by, the console versions will severly struggle to keep up the PC version of the game.

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Optical_Matrix4088d ago

I did say, that from what I've played at Eurogamer, the 360 version is the worst looking version and yet got labelled at as a troll. You'll see for yourselves when the Beta is released but as you can tell, it doesn't look that good at all.

TimmyShire4088d ago

People cry when their consoles don't have the graphics they want. I mean, this is a PC game - made to run on high-spec PC hardware - of course it's not going to look as good on years old consoles.

But still, it looks fine on consoles. People should just enjoy the game.

Feckles4088d ago

Gameplay is what's important here, not a texture your only going to see for a fraction of a second.

lociefer4088d ago

low res texture gone wild

GrieverSoul4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

Quick! Call the Low Res Textures Police department!

Who cares?! If you have a PC capable of running this game then buy it for PC. If you have a X360 or a PS3, buy it for the console where you are most likely to play it with your friends. Screw the low res textures.

Stevo914088d ago

Right... People this is a beta, a test for bugs before the full release, in every beta in history the graphics are never full, the idea of a beta is to test for gameplay bugs and server stress tests, im sure the full version will look better. To me gameplay is more important than graphics so as long as the gameplay is amazing they could put as many low res textures as they want imo...

SilentNegotiator4088d ago

You gotta admit, that is one flat and ugly pile of sandbags. And it isn't just the textures. Look the geometry. It even hits the ground at a perfect 90 degree angle.

Jobesy4088d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

That "this is just a beta" excuse isn't valid. The game is due in less than a month. Will likely go gold within the week if it hasn't already. I lmao at all the COD haters right now, thinking BF3 was the best looking game on consoles, pfft, Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 take a huge dump all over this game. At least Acti/IW hasn't lied repeatedly to it's fans. How great is EA/Dice now?

I guess thats what you guys deserve after all that smack you've talked. Bu, bu, but it has frostbite 2.0 lol.

Lol, loving the disagrees, seems I struck a nerve. BF3 has 99 problems and textures IS 1 lol.

malol4087d ago

well you shouldn't expect something that looks like the PC version

RedDead4087d ago

lol this is like GT5 again, some lovely stuff, some absolutely horrendous

kikizoo4087d ago

timmy, don't act like's the 360 version we are looking here, so stop talking about "old consoles", ps3 has better graphics (exclusives), and most of guys talking about that game said that the differences are not huge with high end pc (even if it's not ps3 exclusives graphic level)

darthv724087d ago

when i am playing a game with lots of action in it. Last thing i would do is stop and smell the roses, or in this case....count the pixels or dwell over the textures.

High, low, medium or whatever. Just give me a fun game thats worth playing not watching.

Sunhammer4087d ago

There's a reason DICE never demoed the 360 version the way they did with the PS3 version on Jimmy Fallon. I'm not sure what happened or whatever but it took them a pretty long time to feel "confident" in the 360 version.

LackTrue4K4087d ago

mmmm....the gun, his hands and the text all look good. but ever thing thats far else looks bad (PS2 BAD). but im not worried at all. its the beta, Xbox players should not worry at all!!!! and even if it dose look bad, you lucky 4uckers got Gears of War 3 to play!!!! (im hate on you cuz of that) :D

Moo7a-Seven4087d ago

Everything Battlefield 3 is getting now is just an undeserved hype just to make it more famous faster and to get more money by scamming players with the game that is just a regular but way too OVERRATED FPS.

stu8884087d ago

I saw it on a mates 360. Its not a good looking game at all, its ugly not just compared to the PC version, but also other games. if he told me it was Bad Company 2 I would believe him.

Dante1124087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Funny how graphics and resolution were a big deal to some "enthusiasts" here in the past, but now it's "who cares, doesn't matter, just play the game". Priceless lol....

JaredH4087d ago

This reminds me when the demo for the ps3 version of Bioshock came out with a dead Big Daddy having bad textures and everyone was complaining to the point that 2k commented on it reassuring fans it would still look great and it slipped by them. This will probably happen with DICE and this situation since the game won't look as great as the PC version or maybe even the ps3 version but it still will probably look good for 360.

BattleAxe4087d ago

Those textures bring me back to the days of Medal of Honor: Underground.....

snipes1014087d ago

The fact that this thread has over 150 comments blows my mind. WHO. CARES.

Anyone that claims that they are going to stop dead in the middle of heated combat to stare at some bleeding sandbags is one of two things 1) an idiot or 2) a liar.

I for one am not going to notice for one second such insignificant details. PLAY the game for a change.

ApplEaglElephant4087d ago

if one texture and model is bad, it is likely that everything else is bad.

It is not insignificant. it is huge part of graphics.

I am not saying you shouldnt get it on 360. The game looks great for 360 and if you dont have PC or PS3, you should def get 360 version.

I am just saying it is non sense to say that "graphics" insignificant. If that were true, we would still have PS2 or Xbox 1 graphics.

snipes1014087d ago

I did not say we should still have those graphics, what I am saying is that this high definition generation of games has brought with it an unhealthy obsession with graphics and too many articles like this. Just one look at the front page of n4g reveals that 4 out of the 5 headlines are all concerning graphics, with one article covering gameplay footage. Really?

The game looks fine, what's the big deal with a few bad textures? To me, graphics don't mean a whole hell of a lot. I have been playing last gen games all summer and had a ton of fun. Gameplay trumps graphics in importance any day if you ask me and these few graphical hiccups are hardly going to be a reflection of the game as a whole.

Just look at the screen shot in the gallery with the low res bush, do you think someone concentrating on scoring a head shot is going to stop dead in their tracks to gaze in shock at a bush, probably getting nailed in the process?

MaxXAttaxX4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

But I know damn well some of the pro-360 fans above wouldn't be saying the same thing if the tables were turned.

Millah4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

So let me get this straight..."graphics don't matter" now that were talking about BF3, which was supposed to be the God of graphics. But when you're talking about another game, all of a sudden the conversation becomes almost entirely about graphics.

Wow. How typical. This "well what do you expect this isn't PC" argument is just blind excuses. This game doesn't even look as good as Uncharted or Gears 3. First you guys are constantly trashing the PC 'snobs' on this site, and now you're using PCs to defend this game. So, PC gaming sucks, that is unless you're using it to defend BF3s graphics. Lol.

frameflip4087d ago

Funny how the PS3 was trashed when Mafia 2 had texture issues, and now "it's the gameplay that matters". Oh the hypocrisy.

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WetN00dle694088d ago

But then again its only a beta. I doubt DICE will release the 360 version looking like this. Especially if they want to dethrone MW3.

Kurt Russell4088d ago

And the fact BFBC2 looked nicer on the same console.

yesmynameissumo4087d ago

Why would they really care? The PS3 install base is 3 mil short of 360. With the PS3 getting DLC first, there is the opportunity for BF3 to be THE 3rd party FPS on PS3, as COD is to the 360. That's not to say it won't sell on either platform. They've apparently done all they can with the DVD9 media and FB2.0 engine. It's still going to sell on 360 regardless.

WetN00dle694087d ago

Exactly,BC2 looked amazing on the 360.

Kleptic4087d ago

you guys are crazy...go watch gameplay on twitch of all 3 versions...there is live streaming non stop...and use the same site to watch BC2...not even comparable on any platform...

obviously the PC version is superior, but the console versions are MORE than acceptable as a modern fps...the best looking multiplatform console shooter to date without question...

the console versions still have all the physics in foliage, trees sway from near by explosions, come down if hit directly, you can watch bushes move around when someone is crawling through them...the destruction is a huge leap from BC2...character lighting, let alone lighting in general, is far superior...

WetN00dle694087d ago


NICE! Ill take a look.

tee_bag2424087d ago

I agree. It looks like a Beta because it is a Beta. I'm sure it will improve visually for release.

What sucks is there is still small teams and NO planes once again for the consoles - how annoying. 1942 on PC still has more happening on the map than this console version.
Anyone who played it will know on not being a wise guy here.

Yes of course it will sell well since half of the new school gamers don't know any different.

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trancefreak4088d ago

Oh noes its missing a texture oh what oh what should I do.

Silly gameAr4087d ago

Those little missing textures and pixels used to mean the world when multi-plat games were involved. Glad to see there are some people that don't make mountains out of molehills.

Treyb3yond4087d ago

Dunno, I'm pretty sure the xbox fans would REALLY not let this go if it was the ps3 version that was the worst though....

No Way4087d ago

Just like the PS3 fanboys are going to do? We all know it.
And, just like they would also deny that it's a problem..

Which it's not a problem, but you know what I'm saying.

Dante1124087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

@ No Way

Idk, No Way. Trey does have a point. When Mafia 2 came out some "enthusiasts" here made a huge deal about the grass textures in the PS3 version when practically everything else was the same as the 360. Just ignore it like most did then.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF4087d ago

I'm not sure. But textures were sure a huge thing when GT5 fanboys were dissing Forza 3.

trancefreak4087d ago


Say What? You don't make a good psychic man. I got all three. PC/(3) ps3's and 1 360. So what your saying is I should buy a ps3 and a pc. I wouldn't mind owning four ps3s if that's what your indicating.

But I really don't understand what your comment is indicating here because you believe the ps3 version will be the best? Did you think I only game on a 360.

I will buy this for my pc, I got one those you know high end gaming rigs and its locked and loaded awaiting every detail BF3 can bring it.

Also I am getting the ps3 version for my kids because I am a cool DAD!

Besides the point its Weird how some get offended by a joke here lol.

Anyways my textures wont look like that and this is a game I will be playing for quite some time. Bye bye Crysis 2 the new king is in town.

NO jokes allowed zone hehe.

No Way4083d ago

Oh, no, you got me confused. :P I agree, 100% with him..
The xbox fanboys sure wouldn't drop it or let it go, I know that.
I'm just saying, that both sides do this; both sides are guilty.

It's never going to stop, though. Both sides want to 'one up' the other.

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JsonHenry4088d ago

Why does anyone get surprised that the consoles have low texture resolutions?

RBLAZE19884088d ago

Jesus christ they're picking apart a bush and a cardboard box...Just play on the respective systems that you guys want to play on and don't go on any of these stupid sites that like to point out stupid shit to complain about...both versions will have low res textures guaranteed...if you want high res textures build a pc or stop with this console war bullshit. What a lame ass article. Welcome to, i mean Have some pride in the submissions you guys approve from now on please...for both ps3 and 360 and any other system. It's never gonna stop if these type of articles keep getting approved because some article made another system look bad a month ago and now it's making that system look better. It just makes the site as a whole look terrible to any outsiders and real professional journalists

Scary694087d ago

Now 360 owners will see how it feels to get crappy graphics. Which is what ps3 owners have dealt with the COD game.

Convas4087d ago

Sucks that we're not getting crappy graphics then, right? ;)

kikizoo4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Cod is globaly the same on both consoles (and obviously inferior to best ps3 exclusives).

jsaon and others, stop talking about "consoles" when we are talking about one special version (and stop overhyping pc gaming, we all have pc)

by the way, i've you seen the new passion from xfanboy for pc lately ? it's pathetic and funny :) they don't want to accept the reality (exclusives, sales, graphics), so they have to spin it with "pc kills "consoles"

"I'll make a bet that xbox version will outsell ps3 version"

And ? even if you are right, gamers don't care (only fanboyz and shareholder are choosing sales over quality, quantity and variety), by the way, if the game sell better (not sure, since most of the multiplatforms games are selling good on both consoles), it's only because ps3 has 10X more great exclusives this year.

@qwerty, call an ambulance for you, and stop spreading lies, poor delusional guy.

Scary694087d ago

@ Clizzz

What a video with crappy graphics? People need to realize that consoles will not have better graphics then a pc, unless consoles can have upgraded graphics card.

joab7774087d ago

Basically we hav the one xbox trailer and this to go by but ive seen ps3 footage that looks pretty damn good.

KiLLUMiNATi_894087d ago

I'll make a bet that xbox version will outsell ps3 version..

qwertyz4087d ago

the 360 footage DICE released looked much better than the screens

besides both consoles have the same amount of ram with the 360 having slightly more due to lower OS footprint so how is it possible the ps3 has higher resolution textures than 360 if it has less usable ram ? its not. and to the uniformed; textures are rendered through VRAM so blu-ray doesn't affect texture resolution.

DICE also confirmed that the ps3 and 360 versions will be identical this was also the case with BF:BC2 so why doubt them ?

both the ps3 and 360 version run at the lowest pc settings with no texture filtering 1280x704 30fps they'll look like ps2 games compared to the pc version :)

Gamer30004087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

"DICE also confirmed that the ps3 and 360 versions will be identical this was also the case with BF:BC2 so why doubt them ?"

oh like dice will go out and say
" hey guys go buy ps3/pc versions bec they are the best and xbox360 fans you will have the worst version bec the dvd's size problem "

every single dev said that both versions will be the same
and 99% of them are just PR talk

Sheikah4087d ago

It looks better than BFBC2, has more features and more weapons. I'm content :)

Anon19744087d ago

God, I hate this type of article. "If you pause the game at a certain point and squint in really close to something in the background - you'll see a low res texture! Mon Dieu!"

Just play the goddamned game. If at the end of the day a texture here and there hurt your enjoyment of the title it might be time for some deep self reflection on why you even play games in the first place.

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JellyJelly4088d ago

Did the textures load properly? It would be nice to see a comparison with the PS3 beta and see if that's any different.

Feckles4088d ago

It would, I suspect that texture quality would have been sacrificed to keep the download size to a managble level. But if you're selling your game on the graphics, then this is hardly a good advert for that.

Looks worse than Modern Warfare 3, that's for sure.

JellyJelly4088d ago

Yeah. I don't think we'll know for sure until it hits retail.

Right now I just want the damn servers to start working so I can jump in and give it a go! :)

TimmyShire4088d ago

I'm not surprised this is the case, but there are two things to take note of:

1) It's a beta - so compression is bound to be tight.
2) It's a PC game first and foremost.

Chill out, yeah?

JeffGUNZ4087d ago

@ TImmyShire. 100% agree brother.

People keep hyping this game to no end. Let me correct myself, CONSOLE owners (PS3 fanboys/Anti-COD fanboys) are hyping this game to be a god send. It will be AMAZING, but it will be amazing on the PC. The game will be "good" on the console, but it will be a reality check to console gamers when they get a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs that's screaming this game feels an awful lot like BFBC2.

This game should be played on a gaming rig PC if you really want this next-gen beast.

Silly gameAr4087d ago

Funny. Didn't know you could play PC games on the PS3. You can just pop it in and play it without doing anything special or shelling out thousands of dollars either? Damn. I'll be sure to enjoy it then.

Ser4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Whatever, guy.

Battlefield 3 will be amazing regardless of your platform choice. Stop trying to fluff up the PC version. The PC version will have better graphics and a 64-player Conquest mode. Are you saying that if BF3 didn't have either of those things on the PC that the game would be just "good?"


This game will be amazing on all platforms.

JeffGUNZ4087d ago

I dont own a gaming PC.

fullymoated4087d ago


JeffGUNZ is speaking for the general public who have seen all these amazing graphical trailers for the past 6 months. It's EA and Dice's own fault and its time to put them in their place when it comes to the console versions. Their whole marketing strategy was PC graphics, and to get mentioned EVERY time CoD gets mentioned. Oh My God, look at those AMAZING GRAPHICS! Now 6 months later, and I still don't know what the big deal is about the gameplay of BF3. And now on top of that the console graphics/performace are no better than MW3?? Great job at selling your game EA/DICE.

Whoops, i spoke poorly about the holy BF3. Let the disagrees roll in!

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shooter7474087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

PC game? what a dumbass! You think EA can make money out of this game if they just say this is for PC? Look at the preorders, the PC version numbers is insignificant compared to the console preorders.

LightofDarkness4087d ago

That's because most of us are getting it digitally, meaning we don't have to pre-order it because there won't be any risk of a "shortage."

fastrez4088d ago

Can I just say. This is still a beta. People shouldn't judge fully until they have full, final code in their hands.

Too many assumptions going on these days.

BX814088d ago

Seriously. Ok I get the pc version looking the best, but you know something is up when there is a PS3 and XBOX beta and one doesn't look as good as the other. I wonder what's going on here?

JeffGUNZ4087d ago

This "beta" is basically a demo to try and win over some COD fans. The games "beta" releases less than a month from the game release. Don't expect too much to change from this "beta".