Dragon's Crown Preview | Cheat CC

Vanillaware may have singlehandedly resurrected our infatuation with sprites back when polygonal graphics were the norm. They were the makers of Odin Sphere and Oboro Muramasa (a.k.a. Muramasa: The Demon Blade), two games that looked more like moving storybooks than anything else. Their high-resolution sprites appeared as if they were painted right onto the screen, and their high-speed action and deep difficulty kept players coming back for more. Now, it looks like they may be doing it all over again with their upcoming Dragon's Crown.

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smashcrashbash3212d ago

This sounds awesome. I like the 40 to 50 hours of gameplay the best

Pheonix033212d ago

My most anticipated game at the moment. Vanillaware always impresses on all fronts.

tarbis3212d ago

A beautiful side scrolling game. How long has it been that I have played such game. I'm excited to get this on both PS3 and PSV.

tiffac0083212d ago

This game reminds me of that old Dungeons and Dragons arcade game :)