Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt speaks Forza 4

'What we tried to make is a game that is still rewarding while you can still come in second place.'

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KingPin3201d ago

if you aint first, you're last.

humbleopinion3201d ago

So you're basically saying that if you aint last, you're first?

steve30x3201d ago

These two quotes show that the whiners are wrong in their philosiphy that if they dont whine and complain then the developers wont change things. These are Dan Geenawalts' words

"the truth is those groups on the forums are not actually representing the larger population - because the larger population isn't on the forums arguing, they're just playing."

"We listen to our community, we look at the forums on other sites, but we also look at the data. Our community, while very vocal, does not actually come close to representing the way people are actually playing the game. So we use the data to hone, and we also look at our vision, and that's really the overarching lens we use.£

People bitch and complain about stupid things on the Forza forums and GTPlanet website and when they justify their crying by saying that if they dont complain the games developers wont change things.

Just as Dan said thosee whiners and cry babies are wrong.

I know I will get a whole lot of disagrees , but its the truth and those who disagree cant face the truth.

steve30x3201d ago

16 days here in Ireland