Infinity Ward Pledges Online Improvements In MW3 PC, Recognizes Faults With MW2

Infinity Ward decided to take a step back to familiar territory with the PC release of Modern Warfare 3 — forgoing its in-house IWnet system in favor of dedicated servers, a move Call of Duty community chief Robert Bowling says was prompted by fan feedback. In a recent interview, Bowling discussed the shortcomings of IWnet, and why it failed to succeed.

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Agent-863212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I keep thinking of that old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." In other words, I'll believe it when I see it. Using the same old engine and not taking advantage of PC's graphical strength is not a good start. Dedicated servers are great, but not if the map sizes and player counts are small because of console limitations (18 players on PC is not taking advantage of that platform). Take a look at DICE's work and see how to cater to both crowds without "gimping" out the PC version. Then, I might buy another COD game.

princejb1343211d ago

the engine isn't the problem since the engine is good enough compare to black ops which looks terrible
and i don't think 18 players is a console limitations both ps3 and 360 had at least 64 players on one match(front lines for x360, mag for ps3)
is more like we don't want overcrowded maps with a bunch of people running around everywhere
is bad enough playing ground war in small maps
if they really want to improve mw3 everything should be balanced thats including taking quick scope out

NuclearDuke3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I'm sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree with you.

I have played CoD since the second in the series and I have never been a fan of the 32+ player servers. Not one single Call of Duty map since the Modern Warfare franchise started has been created with the intention of hosting so many players.

When I first played Call of Duty 4, I remember deaths over and over again, simply because you never knew when five grenades would land around your feet. Together with Stopping Power, it made the games entire mess and I had much more fun when I started playing 5v5 clan matches with rulesets.

I appreciate the way that Infinity Ward moved to a more tight and strategic scale of play, with less players on smaller maps, where audio and awareness is very important.

DICE does focus on an entirely different targetgroup. They cater to people who like large scale veichular combat. Call of Duty, simply isn't one of these games, and I don't think this has anything to do with actually "gimping" the PC version, yes - Graphics is indeed limited due to Xbox being the main platform but in terms of gameplay, 5v5 to 9v9 suits me perfectly, I wouldn't want MW3 to be any different than it seems to be.

If you wish 16v16 and 32v32, go play Battlefield 3. Don't complaint about Call of Duty being without these number of players, because that is not how it's meant to be and it won't ever be.

I don't hate on BF3, I am building a brand new spectacular machine for that game, however - On consoles it is limited to 30 FPS, which throws alot of smooth feeling away.

Ezio20483212d ago

hmmm...i have faith in IW!!
i am looking forward to the game...

ATi_Elite3211d ago

They gotta have Dedicated Servers and Admins for the PC. This is not a PC feature but more like a standard PC must have!

Steam is cool along with VAC but Dedicated servers and Admins are the best anti-cheat system there is. Hackers and Cheats do not last long when you have an Admin flaiming your screen with...... bye bye Haxor!!..........disconnected from server!

jozzah3211d ago

"community chief Robert Bowling says was prompted by fan feedback"

Even though when they announced it literally every PC player was complaining about it. But now that they realise that nobody likes it then its "oh yeah we listen to the fans"

susanto12283211d ago

Sorry not buying this crap anymore, and neither are any of my friends...ragequit haha

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