Atomic: Batman: Arkham City – Rocksteady wants you to play as Robin instead of Batman

Atomic: During our brief hands-on time with Batman: Arkham City's Challenge Maps, we discovered a whole lot more about the game when we chatted to lead narrative designer Paul Crocker.

“One of the goals with Robin was to make people think Robin is cool because a lot of people don’t, which is a fair point, but our goal from day one was to make him cool, forget everything you’ve seen in the films. We wanted to make the fighting with Robin—which we’re not going to show you today—cool. We wanted to make you think, ‘I would rather play as Robin than as Batman.’”

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SageHonor3202d ago

But hes not in the story mode......

NovusTerminus3202d ago

I wanted to play him... Until The devs turned him into yet another shaved head MMA fighter. Now, I don't give a shit about him.

What was wrong with this design?

KingPin3202d ago

i guess they could always make skins.

i mean, you cant please all the people all the time.

NovusTerminus3202d ago

If they give me a different skin, I will be happy. Very happy.