EA Updates ToS To Forbid Class Action Lawsuits

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Well after seeing what Sony had done with their Terms of Service, Electronic Arts decided they had nothing to lose and everything to gain by updating theirs as well. While doing so they decided to forbid class action lawsuits, “By accepting these terms, you and EA expressly waive the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action.” The terms continue...

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zeal0us3208d ago

Argh another one of you guys. Is a good name hard to find/think of these days.

Moving on who didn't see this coming? First ATT(yes they was first not Sony). Then Sony and now EA, surprise Activision haven't done it yet or even Capcom.

Hufandpuf3208d ago

So I can't sue because I'm playing your game, and using your service. On top of that if I download Origin, you can look in my computer (As if other programs aren't doing that already). It seems "Big Brother"'s plan is to take the internet and it's gamers by surprise.

Robotronfiend3207d ago

You can sue as an individual, you just can't be part of a class action lawsuit if you agree to the ToS.

PooEgg3207d ago

That's okay in my book, since class action lawsuits are lame, and the only one who profits from them are the lawyers.

Number_133208d ago

Oh wow!! Just freaking wow. Thanx alot SONY. Look, I don't have any plans whatsoever to sue any game company but I do not like having my rights infringed upon either.
Doesn't matter, only EA related product I plan on buying is Mass Effect 3. Their douche baggery concerning CoD and Forza 4(Porche) has left an awful taste in my mouth.
They are lucky I'm totally in love with ME series

narutogameking3207d ago

They're all following in AT&Ts footsteps.

Nephesh3207d ago

After not being able to play my "early pre-order access" to the BF 3 beta for 4 hrs waiting on a "Quick Match", EA gets a much deserved epic FAIL! No excuses, you knew it would be flooded with people. You sold the pre-orders.

TitanUp3207d ago

its just a beta the final product will be even better i have been able to play but im not excited by it but i will be on october 25th when i know my progression will save my stats will save and more servers will be opened up

radphil3207d ago


By that standard, no other game should have server issues then, regardless of location, connection type, device, or for that matter people ordering various games from a variety of shops/stores that they don't have entire information for.

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