Quick Analysis and Predictions on the New, Mysterious Sony Teaser

"A quick breakdown of the new teaser released my Sony, what did you see that I didn't?"

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aceitman3215d ago

and i think i know what it is party chat . what weve been waiting for . ;)

FACTUAL evidence3215d ago

It's a ps home space/ xmb app they are going to have for tournament on our favorite games I think. Maybe they are going to have wager psn tournaments.

fear883215d ago

Pretty certain its a PS Home relaunch. I mean if you take out the props or noticeable icons you will see two guys going into a "Great Hall". In there it seems they will be mingling with others like themselves.

It doesn't seem like party chat or anything else and seeing as how the Home relaunch is right around the corner I would bet in game currency that this is a trailer for the relaunch.

Bull5hifT3215d ago

Cross game chat and you pay for PLUS

b163o13215d ago

I'm with Fear88 on this one, all the games that make an appearance all are online. Home needs a re launch I haven't been on in awhile

SoapShoes3215d ago

It's probably an ad for the new Home??? Possibly?

Ryo-Hazuki3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

It could mean everybody is socializing while the characters and objects symbolize the games. Would mean party chat...

Or it could mean Sony is putting together there own "Smash Bros"
Or Home is getting a fall update like they said already

Who knows. We'll see

Godchild10203215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Maybe it's the Sony smash brothers (Working title) game that most of us want so badly. I can dream right?

EDIT: Ryo-Hazuki beat me to it.

banjadude3215d ago

OHHH, it makes sense now. That air bubble, with the blue tint inside of it, is the bubble from LBP1/2.

SuperStrokey11233215d ago

Or just maybe its a teaser for a press conference they are going to have.

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