StarWars The Old Republic: Breaks EA's Pre-order Records

Keeping the launch of the galactic MMO war just before Christmas, EA announces the official release date of Star Wars the Old Republic. Star Wars the Old Republic should be a game on your radar. One Impressive feat accomplished by the game, is it’s breaking of EA’s Pre-order records. EA is the publisher of other BioWare games such as, the hit RPG Mass Effect, and one of this year’s best looking shooters, Battlefield 3. However, this years record is set among the stars.

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Letros3201d ago

PC exclusive breaks EA's pre-order records, who would have thought?

Darkfiber3201d ago

MMO pre-orders mean nothing. The only thing that selling a lot of MMO pre-orders will bring is depression to the company once they see how many of those people don't subscribe after the first month.

vgcgames3201d ago

I see your point, but they must be planning on subscribing if they're pre ordering, an MMO

Myze3201d ago

That's also making an assumption that they will lose a lot of those orders.

You can't site precedence and apply it to this game as a guarantee. Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, etc. all had pretty big pre-orders (not close to this big though) and lost a lot of subscribers, but that was because the games were full of bugs, lacking in content (specifically end game), unpolished, etc. So, yes, if SWTOR has those same problems it will probably lose subscribers. However, Bioware is known to have the same level of quality as Blizzard, so who is to say their game won't be as well designed as WoW and garner MORE subscriptions as time goes on?

It's too early to tell, but if any game has the chance of becoming the new king of MMOs, it's this one, more so than any since WoW.