Attention Aussie gamers: Get a PlayStation 3 for $199 or a Nintendo 3DS for $129

PCA: Online deals site Catch of the Day has announced it will sell Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 consoles today for $199 and $129 respectively. (The PlayStation 3 currently has an RRP of $298, while the 3DS sells for $199.)

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kma2k3210d ago

Damn thats a good deal!

ShaunCameron3210d ago

Too bad it'll be a while before us North Americans see a $199 PS3.

N311V3210d ago

That is so cheap considering games cost $100 here!

IHateYouFanboys3210d ago

dont know why someone submitted this today - the sale was YESTERDAY, and yesterday only. the article was written 2 days ago as well.

and for those who know catch of the day, deals like this one sell out literally in seconds - last time they had a PS3 for $200+ under RRP the site crashed for the entire day, and as soon as it came back online they were sold out. they most likely only have a tiny handful of them to sell.

great site, but youve got no chances of getting one of these deals on there.