No One Told El Universal Gears 3 Was an Xbox 360 Exclusive

One of Mexico's largest newspapers apparently turns to Google image search for its graphics as much as the next guy, as evidenced by this lovely picture of Gears of War 3 for the PlayStation 3 found inside today's issue.

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Combo3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

hahahhaha fail!

SLLCKGT3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Thats funny. But considering video games isn't their job its excusable. Unlike stupid people who work at Gamestop.

ME: Let me get a copy of Resistance 3
GAMESTOP CLERK: For which system?

Freakin idiots.

pipipi3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

hahahaha i cant belive it it happened to me too!!! hahahaha but me instead said: mmmmm for wii? and he said: let me see the sistem.... (he turns and watchs the advertise he had in front) mmmmm nope its only on "playsatation, playstation network"

LMFAO maker bless our hearts


Hicken3211d ago

Um, can you imagine how many times a person has said "For which system?" over the course of a day?

I'll bet you have no clue how many people say, "I want to buy Black Ops," and leave it at that.

I've messed up and asked that same question for Gears, because I've had to say it 30 times in a damn day. I'm so used to saying Arkham Asylum that when I answer the phone, I almost have to pause to instead say, "Thank you for calling GameStop, where you can reserve your copy of Batman: Arkham City."

Think before you start calling somebody an idiot, idiot.

Bob5703211d ago

My friend works at Gamestop, he does it all the time too, and he's perfectly aware that Resistence 3 is a PS3 exclusive and Gears 3 is an Xbox exclusive.

Hicken3211d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

People are so quick to throw insults around. They have no freaking clue what somebody else has to go through.

Yeah, complain about the guy at the game store pushing you to reserve games... because his bills getting paid counts on him getting you to put that five dollars down on something. I work few hours a week because I REFUSE to put making a buck over customer service. The store looks perfect and shit gets done on those few days I'm there, and looks like shit the rest of the week while other people make sure they get their income.

And no, there isn't enough time to do both, especially when MOST customers don't give a shit about how they leave the store.

So if you want better customer service, be a better customer. Then we have more time to do things FOR you instead of cleaning up AFTER you.

If you can't do that, I don't want to hear SHIT from you about what we do, one way or another.

Edit:@Slick Forgive a guy for being human, why don't ya?

@Hufandpuf I guess you've never been new at anything before, especially not a job.

radphil3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

"People are so quick to throw insults around. They have no freaking clue what somebody else has to go through. "

It's N4G. Your expectations are too high for this site if you expect logical thinking. Some people here think they know more than devs.

Only here I see it turn from an article about a Mexican paper goof up, to anti-gamestop staff.

And yet when you walk into Best Buy or Wal-mart to get your games, they don't give 2 damns about it.

Just recently here was a major screw up for people getting Gears 3 here at BB, at least 6 people were screwed out of the Epic Edition, cause they just flat out sold the product, even though they were "reserved".

xAlmostPro3211d ago

hahaha that's funny. It's like that with the game stores in the UK too. Instead of employing gamers they employ people who just want a job, you ask them simple questions about a game or hardware and they only know the name and price lol.

SLLCKGT3211d ago

I understand your complaints but I didn't mean the word idiot literally. But seriously a game on launch day? Did you see that shipment come in? It even says Only on PS3 on the cover! Shouldn't be that hard.

hilyou3210d ago

man back in june 08' i went to gamestop to buy mgs4, and they were like for which system!

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playnation3211d ago

hahahhaa... @ SLLCKGT haha that's true, those poor guys are always clueless... =S

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