New Battlefield 3 screenshots

Check out some new screenshots of Battlefield 3.

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BiggCMan3204d ago

Really nice and all, but does anyone notice that the UI seems to look 95% identical to Bad Company 2? Would have been nice if it were different somehow, unique in it's own way. I wonder how many kiddies will think this game is actually Bad Company 3. I already know a lot of people personally who believed that, I had to correct their ignorance.

shockdude3204d ago

If it ain't broke don't fix it...

theonlylolking3204d ago

That is why COD is so successful.

Hazmat133204d ago

looks great cant wait for the beta on my PS3. you lucky PC players

caboose323204d ago

It seems like they fixed the outside lighting since the alpha. Everything was either too damn bright or too damn dark in the shadows so you couldnt see a damn thing.

raytraceme3204d ago

COD has the most user friendly interface for sure. My biggest peeve with bc2 is that I can't exit the lobby, and the very user unfriendly interface. Though if bf3 still keeps the same interface I will force myself to deal with it. The game just looks to good to get annoyed with those little issues :D

DeFFeR3204d ago

Exit what lobby? The post-game?