One Year After, Nintendo Wii Wins the Gaming Consoles Battle

Max Brenn reports for eFluxMedia on November 18:

"One year! One year was enough for Nintendo Wii to become the leader of the video games consoles market. Launched in November 2006 Nintendo Wii didn't seem to be able to get through Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's rivalry, due to its inferior technical specifications.

But Nintendo Wii had a good price and an innovative gameplay and only one month after its release, it went atop the hardware gaming sales charts.

It's true that there are still two months until the end of 2007 and many surprises could still appear, but it is unlikely that Wii's position will change in the next period..."

Brenn discusses Sony's PS3 situation and Microsoft's preparation for the year's end and to more directly compete with Wii. In conclusion, he writes:

"Practically, at the moment Nintendo Wii doesn't have a real rival to compete with, except itself... The US market is expected to absorb as many consoles as Nintendo can ship here, which means that Nintendo Wii will top again the gaming hardware charts."

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INehalemEXI3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Nintendo: "Wii are the Wiinner. Excuse our exhuberance."

rofldings3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Wait, the wii only won because it's in the 6.5 generation era. The wii is the only one in that era, no wonder it won! :D

Please. The wii is a gimmick/toy, not a gaming machine. I have more respect for the 360, coming from a 100% pure ps3 fanboy. If I had to choose between the wii/360, I would choose the 360 rather than having to play with [email protected]/gayda one more time.

ChickeyCantor3986d ago

"coming from a 100% pure ps3 fanboy"

Its nice to see people admitting they are robots.

respect for the 360?
what ? like you need to respect hardware?
you sad sad little robot.

It seems this Wii is outselling the others...i bet your beloved Sony wished they were in that position...and trust me they are, they don't care about meaningless fanboys like you, they care about money. snap out of it ... f*ck sake =/

pure fanboy, LAWL thnx for the laughter.

Covenant3987d ago

Leader, yes, but winner? Loooooong way to go before that's decided by ANY system.

Danja3987d ago

Agreed Leaders for now yes....but how about we make the call four years from now..!!

QuackPot3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I just want Sony to make it's own version - and a better one for sure - of the Wii-mote either for the Ps2 or Ps3. Then the Wii won't have the niche it's currently enjoying with it's games/gameplay/price.

Well done Nintendo for showing 'evolution' is the way to go not 'revolution' and the next gen controller.

But hurry up, Sony! I want a Play-mote.

cooke153987d ago

Sorry but Nintendo isn't enjoying a 'niche' its a mass market console. The exact opposite of a niche. If any console is a niche console its the PS3.

BrotherNick3985d ago

Although the wii is not a powerhouse it will further change how games will be played...all consoles will have motion features because of the overwhelming popularity of the console, and more likely less buttons.

LOFT3163987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Most over hyped,novelty console,people who buy this haven't got a clue,its only ok for party's or for kids who get bored with it after a week is the Wii !! Come back this time next year when the novelty's worn off!! Should get an award for the biggest pile of monkey crap this year

TruthbeTold3987d ago

Weren't there bozos saying the same exact thing a year ago? I agree that there is no winner yet, (and really I doubt that there will be one since all three consoles should end up doing well). But go ahead and look silly by making light of the Wii. A good laugh is always fun. :p

rofldings3986d ago

Nope. Wii's not nextgen. It's a toy.

Rooftrellen3986d ago

"Nope. Wii's not nextgen. It's a toy."

Well, the 360 and PS3 aren't cars, and they are not next gen either. The PS3, Wii, and 360 are all this gen.

Mr PS33987d ago

The wii is nothing but a novelty console and just cause its sold more dont mean its the best console cause it aint its a heap of sh1t lets break it down
PS3 = Rolls royce
Xbox = A beat up piece of sh1t datsun thats been in a scrap yard for 3 years
Wii = A god damm spaz chariot

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