Ace Combat: Assault Horizon goes gold; new video and DLC screenshots

GameDynamo - "In addition to the "Gone Gold" announcement, Namco has released a brand new video of the Tokyo map currently being developed at Project Aces (featured above). A mess of premium DLC will be delivered to players post-launch, so stay tuned for more announcements. Finally, a handful of brand-spankin'-new screenshots of the Tokyo map add-on to Ace Combat: Assault Horizon can be found just a bit further down the article. How's that for realism in a flight combat sim?

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jerethdagryphon3211d ago

so day one dlc , skin packs and all sorts wHICH SHOULD have been in retail

DJZed3211d ago

Supposedly they're still working on this and it won't be available day-one. We'll have to wait and see

pcz3211d ago

what is it with these 'bla bla goes gold' articles.

who really cares?

DarkTower8053211d ago

I care. It means no delayed games and it will be releasing on time. It's always good to know.

jerethdagryphon3211d ago

those of us waiting for the game maybe? gold status means the game is finished so we no its not likly to slip

TheShow173211d ago

This is simply a press release, not really an article. I've got it preordered through and can't wait! I hope the dlc isn't solely focused on the multiplayer aspect. It would be really cool if the two new maps included additional SP missions.

TheShow173211d ago

Just watched the video and it looks like they will be MP maps. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to add MP only maps to a flight action game, when most of the intensity is occurring far above the landscape. Especially when the landscape is [insert metropolis here]. It'd sweet if the dlc map was like the Grand Canyon, Himalayas or something with terrain like that.

Reborn3211d ago

Yeah, this DLC thing is sad.

Not many people are pleased with this. Rightly so.

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