PMS Clan: Girls-only club is taking aim at stereotypes

Star-Telegram has a business article on the growing community of an all-female gaming group called the PMS Clan. The article interviews its members and discusses how it influences the gaming industry. The group, whose initials stand for Pandora's Mighty Soldiers, has grown to about 2,000 members worldwide who play on Xbox, PlayStation and PC systems since it started five years ago. It claims to be the largest competitive all-female group around.

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PimpHandHappy3990d ago

had a few of there memebers on socom and they stunk


Feihc Retsam3989d ago

To the best of my knowledge, I've never been beaten by a girl online. I've run across quite a few while playing Rainbox Six: Vegas, and a few while playing Halo 3... And I do believe I virtually beat their a55e5.

Not to say there aren't good girl gamers out there, it's just that in my personal experience and HUMBLE PERSONAL OPINION there aren't many that are good at competitive action or fps games....

Now... if we're talking about BEJEWELED....

ichimaru3990d ago

lol, that was kinda harsh Pimphand

AgentNeo3990d ago

Played a group of them on CoD4 the other night in Ground War. They're not bad, even though the room lagged out with us winning :)

PlayStation3603990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

with around 2,000 members... not all of them will be awesome gamers. Maybe only a hand few of PMS members would be experts, and even less would be pros. But that can be said for many "large number" clans.

Edit: I don't like what she said "I think females are just as competitive if not more so than boys." I thought the clan was supposed to stop stereotypes and bring equality to gamers. And yet, she wants to be seen better (more competitive) than dudes and not as equals. Kinda hypocritical. My opinion of course. :P

Mr PS33990d ago

"There's no cryin in baseball" well lets change it
"There's no good women gamers out there" so stick to

PlayStation3603990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I haven't seen that movie, but that does remind me of Family Guy.

When Stewie was playing Duck, Duck, Goose with other young children. As he "Tapped" a young girl too hard, she started crying. And Stewie's response "Stop your boo-hooing! Ugh, you see? This is exactly why no one respects the WNBA." lol

Edit: A disagree ? I meant nothing by it :(

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