Gear of War 3 Review (Empty Lifebar)

"Called “the most anticipated game of the year,” Gear of War 3 burst onto the scene last week. After playing through this I can see why it was given that title. Epic Games had done great with their previous game despite the flaws it may have. Gears of War 3 shaped up to be the best of the series and won’t disappoint Gears Fans."

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SITH3208d ago

Excellent game, but it wasn't my most anticipated game of the year. That position is filled with skyrim.

gillri3208d ago

I wasnt looking forward to gears 3 much, same with R3 or killzone 3 simply casue im kinda getting bored with speace marine shooters

I was looking more forward to Deus ex, Portal 2, LA Noire, Skyrim, UC3 and Batman: AC

but i jst completed the campaign and it was extremely good, best gears campaign to date...cant wait to play the coop now

SITH3207d ago

Yeah it was an excellent campaign. I enjoy it. Insane difficulty is frustrating but still fun.

sagapo3208d ago

I agree. Although a great game, I'm mostly looking forward to Rage and Skyrim.

banner3208d ago

Great game... Sadly I won't be playing it online after a month anymore, just tired of paying to play... Kind of wish it was multplat since I'm going to start buying them on the ps3.

Ms should just do online gaming for free and charge for that other sh!t that I don't use...