Dead Space 3 Takes Place On A Frozen Planet, First Details Inside

Dead Space 3 is set on Tau Volantis, an icy planet where Isaac Clarke has to wade through white-out blizzard conditions.

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NukaCola4624d ago

A lot of information for just an inside mole..

TheOtherTheoG4624d ago

He must be good, bearing in mind he also got pretty much all of the information about the new Syndicate game several months before they actually announced it.

WANNAGETHIGH4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

As much as I love hard games deadspace2 was above me. I am yet to finish deadspace2.. It puts resident evil 5 to shame. Deadspace is the real survial horror game this Gen not resident evil. I give the game my respect.

beast242tru4624d ago

yes dead space 2 was really done well same here i didnt finish it but i do plan to go back @ it

Marcello4624d ago

Totally agree !! Dead Space 1 was epic, the level design was fantastic. Dead Space 2 was a good game but it just didnt have that scary isolated feel DS1 had.

As for the article i guess we will see wats true or not next year.

scofios4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

I agree with you i found dead space 2 to be more action oriented than dead space 1 witch was more scary .

jerethdagryphon4624d ago

polishes his dead space 1/2platiniums* ds 3 you say hive mind you say ill go for the tripple :)

Adexus4624d ago

"Dead Space 3 is set on Tau Volantis, an icy planet where Isaac Clarke has to wade through white-out blizzard conditions."

Anyone else getting a The Thing vibe? It sounds amazing though!

violentheart4624d ago

Just what I was thinking. They are remaking the movie as well.

Hatiko4624d ago

I thought it was a prequel about what happened to those foreign people from the first one who found the thing, you know, those two guys who were trying to kill that dog at the beginning of the movie.

Morgue4624d ago

Not even gonna waste my time on The Thing remake. Another childhood movie rebooted and more than likely ruined by CG and no offense, the addition of a girl in it.

trenso14624d ago

I can't wait for this game still need to beat dead space 2 on zealot. Such a great game I hope that if they include MP it's human vs human but I wouldn't mind if MP wasnt in the game.

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There are no "thoughtful" ads in video games, EA

There are no thoughtful ads in Video Games, EA. Leave them be.

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northpaws7d ago

I think the only type of games that can gets away with it would be sport games, having those sponsors ads on the side like on real life.

But don't put freaking Doritos ads in Star Wars or something, it breaks the immersion. If it is a pop-up ads, then big no.

Hofstaderman7d ago

EA can thoughtfully eff themselves.

Makersbreath27d ago

EA coming back for the crown of being perceived as the worst company in gaming.

Chocoburger6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

One of my favorite series is the THPS franchise, and it was packed with ads, but it didn't bother me. Posters for skateboard companies, JEEP, and Nokia phones. It did sort of fit in with the game world, but that was the past, these days ad would be intentionally intrusive or unskippable loading screen type of imagery. Ugh, I know EA would do it in a horrible fashion. Screw them.