Is it time for Singapore to grow up?

"Smoking kills; so ban cigarettes.

Sex corrupts; so ban bikini pictures, and ban that (in) computer game too.

Cybergames are addictive, so the Government should pass a law...

The (Singapore's) Media Development Authority banned Mass Effect, a futuristic space adventure game, because of complaints over a scene between a woman and a female alien.

But it reversed the ban yesterday and allowed it to be released under an M18 rating."

Fresh off Singapore's decision to ban and then un-ban Mass Effect, Leong Ching from Singapore argues on that it is time for the nation to grow out of the nanny nation, whose government would step in and enact a law every time someone is offended or something is deemed as "morally corrupted".

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Shankle3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Well singapore is one of the richest and most stable and pleasant countries in the world. If their current system is working then who are we to argue?

On the other hand, some people may find cause to be worried about the government having too much power and suppressing the liberties of its people. But really, most people are bad at making decisions. Why should we be given the opportunity to make bad decisions, when smarter people can make better informed decisions for us? Things like smoking and chewing gum are generally bad, although many people refuse to admit it. By placing laws against these things, the government can remove them from society, so no one feels that they are missing out on anything.

But how far should censorship spread to? Are sexual images wrong? Is it really right to make the natural human body and reproductive system into a bad, taboo subject? Who decides this?

We need philosophers in our governments.

DrPirate3988d ago

All I came in here to say is: Lets keep ignorant ethnocentric comments away please?

I'm actually curious as to what people have to say on the subject.

As far as I'm concerned, if the country allows porn to be sold in video stores, then it should be allowed to sell mass Effect with a scene (where you see basically, nothing) that is sexually suggestive. This isn't a question of Singapore growing up, but rather, a question of the double standard in selling video games. If our medium is to be respected, it should be placed right next to music and movies and the standards they use should be applied in the strictest sense, to video games as well.

WIIIS13987d ago

Since when did Singapore allow the sale of porn in video stores? As far as I know, porn in all medium is banned in the country. Does that mean it is ok to ban a game with a suggestive scene? Nope, 'cos suggestive scene is not porn.

Vojkan3987d ago

American freaks would like to change entire wolrd the way you like it. Just go drop dead! Who are you to judge Singapore or any other country, aggressive ocupators