Eurogamer 2011: Super Mario 3D Land Preview

Martin Watts for BnBGaming writes:

In recent months, Nin­tendo has been eager to push its 3DS con­sole. Slug­gish sales shortly after launch sent the Big N into panic, so much so that a rapid price cut came along last month, along with news only a few weeks ago of the dreaded 3DS joy­stick add-on.

Nev­er­the­les s, Nin­tendo knows the indus­try, and it realises that what it really needs is to get some solid soft­ware onto 3DS in order to get a few sys­tems shifted. This is where Mario comes into the equa­tion. He’s a time­less videogame mas­cot, a leg­end, but also a mas­sive money-making machine (even when he’s not run­ning around pick­ing up coins).

One of the first stands at Eurogamer was the 3DS booth, where Super Mario 3D Land was being demoed. Although it was prob­a­bly placed there with the inten­tion of lur­ing in a hefty num­ber of Expo goers, Super Mario 3D Land could have been any­where on the show floor and peo­ple still would have played it.

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