A new Microsoft Bundle to show europe some love?

The Premium Xbox 360 won't benefit from a price cut this Christmas - but instead a HD-DVD and console package is due, spearheading a marketing drive of console bundles available from November.

Retail sources have indicated to that Microsoft is currently planning to price the standalone HD-DVD drive at GBP 199 (293 Euro), and to package it with two HD-DVD movies. The sources also suggested that Microsoft will bundle the Premium console and next-generation movie player together for under GBP 400 (589 Euro) – and that the price could even be as low as GBP 375 (552 Euros).

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malachi235861d ago

it's a shame Sony AND dare i say Nintendo don't treat they're customers with such love as Microsoft do!.


kingboy5861d ago

HD dvd that plays no games and u call thatlove.u must be in dream land

DJ5861d ago

At least Sony was man enough to absorb most of the cost and only charge $500 for a machine that uses Blu-ray for both games and movies.

Spending an extra $250 on top of a $400 console, just to play HD-DVD movies (and not use them for games) just shows a lack of decisiveness on Microsoft's part.

BTW, i'm comparing the Premium 360 and 20-Gb PS3 since they're the most similar in terms of functionality. Going online with a core 360 is damn near worthless since there's no hard drive, which means no half-backwards-compatibility either.

shotty5861d ago

Well the reason sony is absorbing the cost of Blu-ray was 1)The PS3 is already expensive imagine if it was $100 more that it is now 2) If Blu-ray becomes standard then sony will make huge profits from licensing. As for Microsoft, they don't gain much from adding HD-DVD or Blu-ray, so most likely the drive is sold at cost price or maybe a slight loss.

ACE5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

y do u keep saying the same negative things against ms ?. you r clearly a super sony fan boy . as for the post dont be suprised if the add on out sells the ps3 :) . just watch it unfold . i will be buying it and i'm sure many other's will to , to watch movies on thats cool with me . cos if you believe everything sonys mates say eg ressistance etc . i will remind you oblivian IS a huge game with like 200 caves etc and all the open world/ +oblivian world thats huge and they still had space left on the dl dvd . oh and it took them like nearly 4 years to make and that = 5gb

Daewoodrow5861d ago

You still strategically avoid the fact that hardly anybody even wants the HD-DVD add on, and hardly anybody would want a Blu-ray add on for the PS3. Saying you are getting value when you are forced to buy something for cheaper is like thanking a judge for reducing your sentence on a crime you didn't commit.

m235861d ago

I dont't even care about all this HD resolution movies and all the crazy words these people have, i want to play games, i have a dvd player for movies

heihoosilver5860d ago

I think MS made a smart move, when hd movies battle have a winner MS made a ad-on with the winner format BR or HDDVD so Xbox 360 always have the winning tecnology.About HDDVD ad-on it only plays movies but correct if i´m wrong if games need more storage capacity a HDDVD patch or upgrade software couldn´t enable the HDDVD ad-on to play games?. For me i will wait until a winner has emerged from the battle and then i will pick up the winner format.

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The story is too old to be commented.