Naughty Dog Dishes on Storytelling and Uncharted 4

Nightmare Mode reports on Naughty Dog's comments regarding the storytelling in Uncharted 3, as well as Naughty Dog's future plans for Nathan Drake and the Uncharted franchise.

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Abash3210d ago

Now since Uncharted 3 is going to be released soon, I hope Naughty Dog finally makes Jak 4


After uncharted 3 I want them to take a break from Uncharted franchise and use the U3 engine to make a new IP. An Opean world IP, Just imagine how wonderful the game/U3 engine will look in an opean world environment in a morden city.

Virus2013210d ago

Yeah that would be awesome. But I hope they can still allow the character to climb like Nathan Drake because that would give you more freedom to travel in the world.

THC CELL3210d ago

uncharted wont break too popular

lociefer3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

how about an exclusive legacy of kain using the uc3 engine ? i would kill a kitten for this to happen ( and yes i know i spam lok every now and then , sorry for tht, im just obsessed with it :) )

DarkTower8053210d ago

I liked Jak games, but that was a long time ago when I was younger. Uncharted fills the gap perfectly for the more mature games I like now. I hope they continue that route Uncharted or no Uncharted.

goodfellas273210d ago

Agree, however they could also make a more mature Jak4 to fit the market. I would love to see Jak made with the U3 engine.

Prophet-Gamer3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

It'd be great to see a new Jak game on PS4... just imagine the possibilities. O_O

UnSelf3210d ago

"but what really sets it apart from the average first person shooter"


TheFirstClassic3210d ago

It only says shooter, not first person.

UnSelf3210d ago

he changed it. trust me

Hazmat133210d ago

yes they need to make a J4K (see what i did there?) cant wait for UC3!

Jack_DangerousIy3210d ago

Hell I'll jump under the bus with you! J4K sounds like a great idea to me!

I'd be fine with another developer taking the reigns like with Sly Cooper if it'd mean J4K..

Hazmat133210d ago Show
badz1493210d ago

no...I think the disagreers think "4" suits "e" the best like in "Thi4f"!

OMG...I really can't say that with a straight face lol! that's just a straight up FAIL in naming!

and I think J4K is kinda good too but sounds too generic/cliche at the same time!

yewles13210d ago

After Uncharted, Naughty Dog should try to redeem an old game with their current experience on the industry and make a GOOD Rings of Power.

belal3210d ago

ok there goes the rumour that drake is going to die in uncharted 3 lol. maybe it's Elena or chloe.

sikbeta3210d ago

That's ND way :P every sequel becomes a little bit "darker" I really can't wait to see what's going to happen in U3...

belal3210d ago

why the disagree? there was a roumor that drake was going to die in this game...
if you disagree pliz give a reason...

Jack_DangerousIy3210d ago

Well I disagreed just now because.... One: You b*tched about disagrees to begin with. Two: You have zero capitalization in your post. & Three: Because you typed "pliz" instead of "please".

You asked and there is your answer.


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The story is too old to be commented.