CVG previews Ninja Gaiden 2 - Going to rip out Ninja Gaiden Sigma's throat

Team Ninja's figurehead Tomonobu Itagaki knows how to work an audience, but CVG will forgive him for his cryptic, controversial and occasionally downright bizarre media snippets because this fella also knows how to create the best fighting games on the planet. Welcome to the 360 exclusive that's going to rip out PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma's throat.

Undoubted genius that he is; it's Itagaki's immense ego and maddening desire for everyone else to be as darn super at beat-'em-ups as he is that resulted in Xbox classic Ninja Gaiden being so freaking difficult most gamers never got the opportunity to appreciate its manifold brilliance.

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FreeMonk3988d ago

due to the amount of gore, it's going to sell a lot of X360 consoles in Japan. The Japanese love Ninja Gaiden, and it's a 360 exclusive.

MS are probably the only company to allow AO games to be released, where Sony and Nintendo won't release them (hence the Manhunt 2 caffuffle), and NG3 will be AO if the content shown is kept in!

ActionBastard3988d ago

There is sooooo much wrong with your statements, I'm not sure where to begin. First, the Japanese do not "love" Ninja Gaiden, hence, the sales of the Xbox 1 in Japan with the release of the original. It will definitely sell better in the states and the UK. Second, MS doesn't allow AO games on their console either, I'd link you but if I can find it, so can you.

Charlie26883988d ago

And like many other gory and violent games in Japan it is gonna be edited to tone down the gore just look at RE4 and the upcoming No More Heroes

BLaZiN PRopHeT3988d ago

have you seen solider of fortune that game has crazy amounts of gore and its coming out.

PlayStation3603988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Yeah, sorry bro. But Micro is in the same boat as Sony and Nin when it comes to AO games.

Heres a link to the question of AO (asked when Moore was still with Micro.)

Heres another link about AO and Micro (on some forum site)


MasterChief28293987d ago

lol, wtf, why would it be AO? wow dude...

ravinash3987d ago

And look what a let down that was.

PlayStation3603987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

ummm... 2 things bro. First, I don't think HS was a let down, I rather liked it. And second, I'm afraid your wrong about the developers. Heavenly Sword was made by Ninja Theory. Ninja Gaiden 2 is made by Team Ninja. Two completely different game developers. Ninja Theory is based in England. Team Ninja is based in Japan.

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Naruto3988d ago

NG does not sell a lot of copies in japan

Hatchetforce3988d ago

Itagaki is a punk hypocrite. He was just criticizing developers recently for using an abundance of gore.

The contributor is a punk too for making a big deal of the fact that a game ported from a last gen console will not look as good as a game designed for this generation. TnS, you are a certified idiot that is obviously insecure about your choice for a console. No matter how hard Itagaki tries, he will never be able to tell a story well.

LeonSKennedy4Life3988d ago

It's true.

The storyline of Ninja Gaiden is pretty lackluster, especially compared to Devil May Cry, God of War, and Heavenly Sword. I'm gonna go ahead and say Heavenly Sword wins for acting, but DMC takes the actual storytelling award. They pull it off so well...if you've played number 3 at least.

Number 4 looks to be the best action game ever created...which I could honestly believe. However, Ninja Gaiden went in trying to be Devil May Cry and failed. Yeah, it's hard. Yeah, it's fast. Is it really that addicting though? I mean, it just doesn't have the awesome combo system or weapons of DMC OR God of War.

While a good action game, it pails in comparison.

Strangelet PT3988d ago

Devil May Cry 3 - 8.6
Ninja Gaiden - 9.4 By Gamespot.

You're comparing a great game to one(if not the best) Xbox game.

Hatchetforce3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

And you are quoting Gamespot as if their review, or any review for that matter is a litmus test for game greatness? Poor choice.

Gamespot, especially as of late has been notorous for writing the most idiotic reviews. Look at the recent Ratchet and Clank. Universally received as a remarkable achievement by buyers and industry personnel alike, it scores in the 7s with Gamespot. And the review of course, written by a chump who gave his highest review score to CoD3. CoD3, game generally viewed by the public as the least capable of the series. No, Gamespot reviews are no qualifier at all.

EDIT: Go get under a truck Bloodmask. You are the last person on this site, okay next to last behind the Mart, that should attempt to give anyone grief about what they write concerning other posters, consoles, or the truth. There isn't a bigger punk on this site than you.

@OOG, Once again looking at what critics write is not a smart move.

BIoodmask3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

I think that Ninja Gaiden 2 will be a great game. The original one was one of the best games on the original Xbox. I don't know what it is with all of the hate in this thread.

"The contributor is a punk too for making a big deal of the fact that a game ported from a last gen console will not look as good as a game designed for this generation. TnS, you are a certified idiot that is obviously insecure about your choice for a console. No matter how hard Itagaki tries, he will never be able to tell a story well."
- HatchetForce ....

This is the most idiotic statement I have ever read on N4G. TnS is the #1 highest contributor to this website ever. Look at the chart of highest rated contributors ever, he is at the number 1 spot. Just bc you prefer the PS3 does not give you the right to attack others on this website. And is also against the guidelines.

N4G Guidelines: Personal attacks on other members of N4G will not be tolerated and may result in loss of speech bubbles.

It makes me sick that people as immature as you just think that they can go around degrading people that are the reason that this website is one of the best on the net. You should be a one bubble wonder for insulting TnS like that. He is after all the only reason you have this story to comment on in the first place. I will report you to the administrator.

Grow up.

OOG FunK3988d ago

Yo Hatchet .......... Devil May Cry 3 was a 84 on metacritic....while Ninja Gaiden Black was a 9.4.....

Im jus comparing the last 2 games on the last gen systems......

DMC 1 was a 94 but well obviously hasnt kept the fire goin with being the same stuff over again

Sevir043988d ago

DMC3's story was minimal to none, and ninja gaiden had none to begin with they were just both very awesome action game to begin with. heavenly sword takes story telling and acting to new hights the only thing that comes close is uncharted, that game has awesome acting too. and interms of action HS only falls short because it wasn't long enough. it's an amazing but short experience to say the least. and it's action ising as omg as DMC4 but i'm sure HS 2 will be even better and address alot of the problems of this... and now onto the main post at hand.

if they mean action then yes NINJA GAIDEN 2 will succeed in surpasing NGS on PS3, but in terms of graphic flair, as of right now it can't even swing a sword at it. Ninja gaiden SIGMA looks just as good. the only thing is that NG2 has a more fleshed out animation system. and some better textures... everything else well apart from bthis and action NGS and NG2 stand toe to toe.

TnS3988d ago

I just posted the story. The opinion is CVG's, not mine. Attack them. :)

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cloud360-7th_account3988d ago

And God of War will....

And i wish their was a GOW movie like 300

LeonSKennedy4Life3988d ago

Um...I'm glad it will rip out the throat of a previous game of yours.

That sure is a loving family they have over there.

How 'bout you make something that matches or betters Devil May Cry 3...then, we'll talk pal. Until then, you're small time.