Guild Wars 2 Stands above SWTOR

Star Wars the Old Republic is a very anticipated game, but it sure as heck doesn't rewrite the whole way MMORPGs work, you may have heard the quote "Old quests don't work"? Well, Guild Wars believe this, and are doing something about it.

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Psychonaughty3208d ago

Hell yeah it is! I know a classic and mediocrity respectively when I see it and GW2 and TOR fit those descriptions to a tee. This may offend TOR fanboys sure but do you really expect me to get excited about a wow clone with a star wars skin.

I love star wars as much as the next guy but I've been there done that for the last 7 yrs thx very much. Finally a next-gen mmo comes along and it's ftp (well free after you buy), nothing can compare to it.

ECM0NEY3208d ago

With DCUOs combat system I would argue that it was the 1st next gen MMO.

Persistantthug3208d ago

With that said, I don't think DCUO stands a chance of outdoing Guild Wars 2 as far as Critical Acclaim and subscribers are concerned.

The only thing left for Guild Wars 2 to do, is announce a console (PS3) version, and they will have trumped every MMO since World Of Warcraft.

Spinal3208d ago


Just from gameplay vids you can see that GW2 trumps Swtor. Ill be gettin both but im far more excited about GW2.

It is the first next gen MMO not just from innovative gameplay features such as actually dodging attacks in combat but also the pvp system allows a server browser like it was an fps.

For me 2012 makes my pc happy. Diablo 3, GW2, Battlefield 3 an lastly swtor.

Ser3208d ago

Indeed it does! Can't wait to sink my teeth into this game.

pctrollv43208d ago

naything is above the noob friendly fest that swtor i know? i played beta on two accts...

Brasi823208d ago

if not recently then no, you don't know. Actually even if you did recently the answer is still no, you don't know.

pctrollv43207d ago

i dont know what? that it is a noob fest? that it takes less than 15 hrs to reach level 30, that its boring with lame quests? that the story is cliche, the dialogue is not enough, and that the setting is a disgrace to star wars universe? ya, am pretty sure ive played both builds on the beta, since i was invited twice going for my third re invite...swtor is lame

burn103208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

First off Guild Wars is a completely different setting from SWTOR. I'm still excited to be able to go from the wizard/elf setting to something different. Oh and that noob comment makes me happy you are not going to be playing the game. Sorry I work and can only donate a certain amount of time to a game.

pctrollv43207d ago

trust me, i am glad i cancelled the pre order..most boring mmo out there and an insult to the star was universe

CustardTrout3208d ago

We played it at Eurogamer, it was a direct cut with our staff, one liked it but I didn't.
However we both agree on Guild Wars 2 stealing the show, it's really pushing out the boat.