Buy Nathan Drake Vinyl Figure & Receive Exclusive DLC For Uncharted 3

Dualshock Nexus: Want an awesome figure to go along with your Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition statue, or just some exclusive DLC? Well you're in luck! Each figure will come packaged with an exclusive DLC code for the game. Read more for full details on the exclusive DLC and to pre-order the vinyl.

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WhiteLightning3214d ago

Didn't ND say they wern't a fan of exclusive DLC...I'm sure they give away exclusive DLC items at Comic con aswell.

ND really need to set up an online store. I would love to see lithos and replicas.

Has anyone seen any pics for the limited vinyl figure ?

flavorbabies3214d ago

They gave away exclusive DLC at all the events. PAX east, E3, Comic-Con, and PAX Prime. Each DLC is different.

MaxXAttaxX3214d ago

They're not exactly exclusive DLC. They're just early unlocks.

omi25p3214d ago

Does the statue come with a copy of the game, Because i think this is miles better than the collectors edition

flavorbabies3214d ago

Totally agree with you but unfortunately it doesn't :(

Rikuson13214d ago

$50 for a figure is quite pricey don't u think?

Treezy5043214d ago

Definitely a bit high, but look at it this way. The DLC will more than likely end up on ebay selling for the same price or higher.

On topic I like the style of the figurine.

Rikuson13214d ago

what ever that dlc is i don't think its worth half unless its like some seasonal pass or super voucher code

LarVanian3214d ago

This figure makes me wonder if we will ever see an Uncharted level kit for Little Big Planet or at least a Nathan Drake sackboy. And I agree with Rikuson1, $50 does seem kinda high.

DrFUD3214d ago

Sure is hip.
But too expensive