Gears of War 3 Sells More Than 3m Copies in First Week

Microsoft and Epic have reason to celebrate. The highly anticipated end to the Gears trilogy - Gears of War 3 - has eclipsed 3 million units first week. This covers a period of 5 days in both Americas and EMEAA. This both marks 50% growth over Gears of War 2 and means that it outsold the first weeks of both previous iterations combined.

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-Mika-3212d ago

Ya hopefully uncharted 3 get those type of sales. Sony need to seriously hire the ad team at MS.

xtheownerzx3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Thats great to hear. This is just more of a reason to pick it up now. Amazon here i come.

EVILDEAD3603212d ago

Called fact Ive been calling 3 million first week it since the game was announced

Salutes Cliffy and the boys at Epic for giving Gears fans what we wanted

Great news for an euqally great fanchise..


xPhearR3dx3212d ago


Talk about an ignorant post. I've played 240+ games on my 360 alone. You listed 5. If 360 users only buy "pretty much" those games, than why is it "pretty much" every multiplatform game sells better on 360?

M-Easy3212d ago

Didn't kinect sell more in the 1st week? So Kinect > Gears if sales is the only indicator of quality.

darkequitus3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


Kinect is a piece of hardware if yo did not realize. At compare apples with apple. Furthermore, who is saying Gears 3 is better than [fill in the blank]? I am only reading a good game with sales to match.

No Way3212d ago

You're own 'status' thing says it all, for you..

[Sometimes I say the craziest/stupidest stuff for the lulz =)]
Get lost, troll. Cause it's true, what you said was stupid. You're annoying.

Dante1123212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Great sales as expect. Bought my copy of GeOW 3 day 1.

Edit @ below folks: Hey, what's with this notion that PS3 exclusives don't sales well when time after time those same so called flops go on to sell over millions. Happen with GT5 and UC2. This year, LBP2, KZ3, Resistance 3 ("first" week sales, not even official). Need to cut it out guys.

M-Easy3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

That was in response to all the post below bringing up games from another console that supposedly dont sell. As if just because a game doesn't sell HUGE week 1 than nobody enjoys those games. I was just saying sales =/= quality. Is Blops really the best game ever?

otherZinc3212d ago

What M$ has in its favor; Gears 3 is actually a great game & had Gears 1 & Gears 2 to do the lions share of Mkt for Gears 3.

If Uncharted 2 was worthy of the 30+GOTY awards it was given; then Uncharted 3 will sell Gears 3 numbers.

Muffins12233212d ago

not because of ads,its just the game is just so amazing :P IF they really want to sell more they have to have a better fps.Lest face it,FPS are the best selling games in north america(biggest game buyer)and sony is asian and they really dont know how to make good or popular western shooters that captures the consumers eye.Almost 75 percent of gears of war 3 sale's come from north america

ShinMaster3212d ago

But design-wise and everything else is the same exact shit!

fullmetal2973212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

But Gears 3 reach #1 in Europe and #2 in Japan. Explain that to us.

3212d ago
Hayabusa 1173212d ago

@ theonlylolking

L4D? Battlefield? Oh I get it, your just picking shooters...clever!

So those are the only games 360 owners buy? So why is it exclusives AND multiplatform games sell most copies on the 360??? Clearly they're not just buying 5 games then...

...I know you're trolling because it's the only social interaction you get so enjoy it...

Peaceful_Jelly3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

@Hayabusa 117 I don't know from where you're getting your facts but outside of shooters all other genres always sell the most on the PS3.

Just name the game:

Bayonetta? PS3
Star Ocean IV? PS3
Tales of Vesperia? PS3
every Need for Speed game? PS3

Just google it yourself if you don't believe me. And about exclusive selling the most?

I think you should think about that again because most PS3 exclusives sell over a million even including niche games like Heavy Rain and new IPs like LBP and Heavenly Sword. On the Xbox only GeoW and Halo sell over a million and games like Alan Wake hardly reach the HALF a million mark...

Kran3212d ago

Yeah.... Cause they did a great job with Alan Wake ¬¬

hilyou3212d ago

not really cause gears always was that pop culture game (not that its bad). and 4 example big sean was at the nyc launch. and microsoft always puts their ads everywhere! one can remember when halo 3 was releasing! ah the good old memories! game fuel all the wayy!

ShaunCameron3212d ago


Actually, not all genres sell better on the PS3.

XB360>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>PS3

XB360>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>PS3

Other (Music, Casual, etcetera):
XB360>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>PS3

XB360 = PS3

rezzah3212d ago

Nice trolling.

I didn't know the title said UC3 sold 3 million.

PS3Freak3212d ago

Xbox gamers don't have anything else to buy sooo..

jrbeerman113212d ago

why are half the posts trying to make excuses for great sales? why cant it be that it is a fantastic game?

The beta showcased the much improved multiplayer to anyone that was on fence for $5 refundable preorder.

This game is great, people knew it before it was released, soooooo....... its selling very well. End of story.

I am sure Uncharted 3 will sell well too, I will be buying day one myself.

Kaos_Vll3212d ago

What the fuck does UC and Sony have to do with this? Why even come into an xbox forum if you're not interested in said game.

Dude4203212d ago

"Because 360 gamers have no other games"

What a stupid excuse. By your logic, PS3 owners don't have many games to play either since the majority of them buy Call of Duty, and all of the COD games destroyed the exclusive games in terms of sales.

princejb1343212d ago

yes but theres more gears fan than uncharted fans out there
i love both games but word to mouth is the best advertisement out there

PS3Freak3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


You think that the majority of PS3 gamers buy call of duty, but the reality is different.

The sales of PS3 exclusives aren't as dramatic as XBOX because there are so many more quality PS3 exclusives. We can't all buy every one, so the sales are spread amongst them.

Call of duty sells more on xbox anyways, so your logic fails.

Sub4Dis3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

i think the answer to that question is pretty simple. despite all their amazing games and all their choices, they have nothing better to do than troll articles. gives you an idea of the quality of those titles.

i own both systems, buy way way more games for 360. ps3 exclusives have disappointed me so many times that i'm not even sure i'll be getting UC3 at this point.

for the people making the dumbass excuse that it's cuz 360 doesn't have any options...that doesn't account for those of us that own both systems. we have more choices than either side...we still bought gears.

@ps3freak: you're just a fanboy. and your tired excuse for why ps3 exclusives don't sell as well has already been proven wrong in my previous paragraphs. i get all the same choices you do, PLUS all the choices i get on 360 and PC. but maybe you're right...maybe i'm missing something. maybe all you guys that keep rechanting this idiot mantra are 15 and your mom bought your system...and that's why you can only afford 3 games a year. mowing lawns only gets you so many games.

EDIT: just wanna add...gears hasn't even been out a whole week yet. we're talking 3 million in 5-6 days. pretty impressive. i wonder why cliffy b's bonus will be this time around. private jet maybe? :-P

dcortz20273212d ago

"Thats great to hear. This is just more of a reason to pick it up now. Amazon here i come."

Since when are sales a great reason to buy a game? Get real!

PS3Freak3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


Someone is a little touchy don't you think, I'm just saying shit to piss people off, and clearly it works.

Besides that though, you do not have all the same choices, as you do not have a Ps3.

And no, I'm not 15, I'm in my twenties and I can afford to buy any game I want.

CommonSense3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

He clearly says he has both a PS3 and a 360. Why do you even contribute to a conversation? You claim you're in your 20s and yet you can't read. And, you claim you buy any game you want, and yet your excuse for PS3 games not selling well is because you can't afford to buy em all.

If you had both systems, you could enjoy even more games; but you're too busy being a fanboy and an apologist for Sony. How about instead of trolling a 360 article, you goto one of the articles that talks about a Sony exclusive selling 3 million in less than a week...oh wait..

gamingdroid3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I see there is a lot of jealousy. This is an article about Gears of War 3. It sold well and deserved it!

Great games tends to sell well....

If you haven't bought it, buy it! If you don't own an Xbox 360, get one so you can enjoy this gem naow.

Go, go, go!!!

PS3Freak3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


I don't fit the demographic of a gamer who can't afford whatever game he wants(So when I say "we" I mean PS3 gamers and don't necessarily include myself). Many gamers are students who don't have the luxury of time or money for such things. Because of this, they have to chose from a few games. I make time, and have the money.

You're right, I initially did not discern the entirety of his post, as I kind of skimmed it over, but I see now that he also owns a PS3.

There was a sale on 360s when a store in the area stopped carrying consoles. They were selling off their inventory at a discounted price. I could have got a 360 for 50 dollars, but they were all sold out by the time I caught wind of it. I just can't justify buying an XBOX for full price, because it just doesn't have enough non kinect games. Especially since I own a PS3 and can play all multiplatform games on it. That is why you buy a console, right; for games?

aquamala3212d ago

Black ops is the best selling game ever on ps3, the second best selling game ever on ps3 is mw2. Mw3 on ps3 has more than double the number of preorders than uncharted 3.

So clearly ps3 owners prefer cod over any of their exclusives.

EVILDEAD3603212d ago

@ PS3 Freak

'I just can't justify buying an XBOX for full price, because it just doesn't have enough non kinect games'

LMAO @ Easily one of the most ignorant comments I've seen on N4G and that's saying alot.

Its clear from the comments that as usual, Gears of War's sales is eating certain people alive.

But, I commend many of the above responses for seeing through the silliness. The negative energy is strictly due to the silly console war.

Bottomline is that the usual suspects won't admit that Gears is simply a phenominal franchise that stands on it's own and millions of gamers proved with their wallets that it was one of the most anticipated titles this gen.


No Way3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Really? Damn, I must have missed all those great multiplatform games..
Seeing as how there's nothing else to buy, besides Gears of War 3.

Dee_913212d ago

Haha im not surprised
gears of war was everywhere
from the mayweather ortiz fight to american chopper
congrats to cliff and the team
il be gettin it soon !

Kurt Russell3212d ago

Gears 3 is one of the best games I've played in a loooong time. Great single player, great co-op and great PVP. It ticks all the boxes and delivers above and beyond what I expected.

I smell jelly.

Vega753212d ago

gears 3 is by far one of the best games i've played all year besides the witcher 2 and Deus ex 3. can't wait for rage,saint row 3,skyrim,halo,dark soul,ect release i'll be busy until ME3 rolls around

Hayabusa 1173211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )


Heres a couple of random games I pulled out the hat:

Red Dead Redemption
Dead Island
Deus Ex 3
Dead rising 2
Assassin's Creed(1,2, and brotherhood)
Fallout 3
Saints Row 2
Madden 2012
DJ hero, 1 and 2
lego batman, Indian Jones, God knows what else
zumba fitness (whey hey!)
NBA 2k11
Rock Band 3
test Drive unlimited 2
Top Spin 3

I ruled out certain games that had a head start on the 360 (such as Oblivion and Mass Effect).

And here are a couple FPSs you already ruled out before the competition started:

Dead Space 2
Bioshock 2
Pretty much all the COD games
Bad company 1 and 2
Crysis 2
Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising/Red River
Red Faction Guerilla/Armageddon
Warhammer 40k space marine

I think I'll stop there.

And I never said that PS3 exclusives don't sell the millions. I know they do. I'll take it from your comment that you compared PS3 exclusive sales to 360 exclusive sales and found the PS3 fell short, so you went for the arguement that PS3 exclusives still sell millions, even though I never said they didn't :)

callahan093211d ago

@ShaunCameron: "RPG:
XB360>>>>>> >>>>>>>&g t; ;>>>PS3"

What games are you using as an example here? The only RPGs that sell better on 360 are the Shooter-RPG's like Borderlands, Fallout, Mass Effect. And Fallout has been consistent in getting timed exclusive DLC for the 360 version. And Mass Effect 2 came out a year earlier on 360 as an, at the time, console exclusive for 360 with nobody thinking it was coming to PS3. Most non-shooter RPGs sell better on PS3. Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean, those types of RPGs sell better on PS3.

PS3Freak3211d ago

No way

I can play all those multiplats on my PS3. Hence why I don't need an xbox.

Treyb3yond3211d ago

Lol 80 disagrees by pathetic fanboys. Why can't these idiots just enjoy games?

EVILDEAD3603211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

'The only RPGs that sell better on 360 are the Shooter-RPG's' 'Most non-shooter RPGs sell better on PS3. Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean, those types of RPGs sell better on PS3.'

LOL @ the internet ducktales that the 360 fanbase doesn't buy RPGs.

Out of the top 5 selling PS3 RPGs..all were multi-plat and 4 of the top 5 sold more on the 360..the only one that didn't was Final Fantasy XIII.

The funny part is Calahan uses Tales of Vespiria and Star Ocean as examples when BOTH titles sold more on the 360.

The other false claim is that the 360 only buys Shooter RPGs.LOL

Please find all the guns that are in Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age: Origin, and Star Ocean etc.

Not to mention the RPG exclusives like Fable, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Too Human etc.

Just another failed attempt at pretend one consoles gamers outclass another.

The other funny part, is this all came from 'Gears of War sells 3 million copies'

But to correlate both topics..just like Gears..360 Gamers didn't buy RPGs like Mass Effect, Fallout 3, and Borderlands because they were 'shooters''s because they are great f-ing games..period


jetlian3211d ago

second best series out sold sonys best series. MS sells more games period!

Some say rrod means the install base is the same well then your really screwed. 10 people that could buy 20 exclusives equals 200 whereas 10 people with 5 exclusives is only 50.

No matter how you look at it MS sells more

+ Show (41) more repliesLast reply 3211d ago

Sony should get microsoft marketing team.

gamingdroid3212d ago

People keep saying that, but it is targeted demographics. The Xbox 360 crowd tend to resonate with a certain type of games and MS keeps delivering those hits so it is no wonder it sells well.

dirtrider3212d ago

lmao you think gears 3 sold this well because of marketing! maybe it sold this well because it has a fan base.

Bigpappy3212d ago

Gears did not sell these numbers because of maketing. These early buyers are people who have played gears before (some from the beta) who were hyped long before any adds.

What actually happened here is Cliff figured out what 360 owners wanted in the next Gears (Better MP, 4 player co-op, Hordes...) and gave it to them.

BlackTar1873212d ago

Dirtrider. I can guarntee Gears 1 & 2 had a major sales boost based on the Commercial and Gears 2 was pretty bad imho but gears 3 is awesome sauce. I won't post spoilers but its B**As*

dirtrider3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

i don't deny that blacktar, but my point i said earlier is still valid.

and for the record, i have yet to see one commercial for gears 3

it is a dedicated fanbase, marketing really doesnt matter. gears is a big franchise, nuff said

to bigpapyy, you are right man. well said +1

BlackTar1873212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Thanks for the reply. I didn't like Gears 2 a bunch of my clan and friends didn't either besides Horde mode. All that is better now and gears 3 is fricken awesome.

i also want to add to your below post about something zipper needs to learm.

I 100000000x agree with that zipper is one of my least favorite off all time now and they keep going farther into the listen to us make changes you don't want and tell you how its the future of something until now i really dislike them and will probably never day 1 any of there games again.

Kran3212d ago

Ill say what I just said:

"Yeah.... Cause they did a great job with Alan Wake ¬¬ "

Seriously, Sony do fantastic on their own. Microsoft gives gamers some brilliant games, but only half of those sell well. Most are just sleeper hits SUCH AS Alan Wake.

Microsoft should have done more.

dirtrider3212d ago

to kran- grow up you lil sony puppet. too many kids online these days.

boommuffin3212d ago

@Kran thats because most people by 360s for the multiplayer experience not SP

Kaos_Vll3212d ago

or maybe it's a great game?

I'm seeing all these ps3 comments and can only come up with that you don't own an xbox and wish u had gears. For a system that has SOOOOO many games you guys sure spend a lot of time trolling on the net.

Do yourselves a favor and have your mommies go buy you a 360. maybe than this place can start talking about games instead of the constant pissing contest that goes on here..

RedDead3212d ago

The beta sort of destroyed alot of doubts I had about it, I didn't like gears 2 online, 3 I fuc*ing love

humbleopinion3211d ago

Yeah, I guess it's the "marketing team" who managed to deliver 3 AAA games in the same series over a period of 4 years, all with 90+ metacritic score.

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2fk3212d ago

that's awesome gears 3 is definitely worth the money

mcstorm3212d ago

I ahave to agree even though my gears has not turned up yet for some unknown reason i cant wait to play it. Thought geats was really good but gears 2 was abit of a let down and i think epic knew this amd have given the fans everything they wanted in gears 3. Fingers crossed it will be here tomorrow and i can see for my self what its like.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3212d ago

Yep, definitely the way a great exclusive should sell. Good job Gears and MS!

Anon19743212d ago

As if there was ever any doubt. Gears is a monster. Even coming from VGChartz, I'll believe that.

dirtrider3212d ago

hut oh dark, i am expecting you to pull out your "financial reports" and make excuses.......

Prophet-Gamer3212d ago

Went out with bang in every sense of the word: Sales, content, and story. People say Gears' story isn't all that great and I used to think the same but after Gears 3, damn. Epic really outdid themselves! Seriously, I Gears 3 is so far my personal game of the year. I've put so many hours into already!

BlackTar1873212d ago

Sales always first it seems

Sad it took them to part 3 to get a semi decent story. to say the story was spectacular is kind of selling it a little too much but its much better and imporved

Death3212d ago

Karen Traviss, the author of the 4 Gears books, also penned Gears 3. If you enjoyed the story I highly recommend the books. They really flesh out the Gears Universe better than any amount of games could.


Prophet-Gamer3212d ago


Really? Gonna check them out then, iirc Traviss also wrote some Star Wars books I recently read, they were pretty good too.

antz11043211d ago

^ Above two:

I also read all of Karen Traviss' Republic Commando novels, she is an amazing author. The Gears books were actually next on my list.

You can tell she penned it. The part where Gary Jules "Mad World" song had a cameo almost had me in tears.

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zeddy3212d ago

thas a lot. its disapointing games like uncharted and resistance dont get these type of figures.

andibandit3212d ago

Thats because the PS3 online community is like a graveyard.
Might as well buy those games second hand cause theres no urgency to get them Day 1

lilbrat233212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

That's cause there is nothing else to play other then camp a duty. lol I cannot believe they are charging $15 for weapons that should be part of the game. Freak that.