Top 5 Most Disappointing Moments in Good Video Games (videos included!)

GameDynamo - "This is not a list of the top most disappointing video games, but the five most disappointing moments in otherwise good video games. I'm talking about a moment that made you wonder: "Is this really happening?"... and not with a sense of awe or wonder, but instead, deep disappointment. The best way to illustrate is to dive right in. ***Warning, there are SPOILERS!***"

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Noah3547d ago

the Ending of Halo 2 should be on the list.

sarabbc3547d ago

I was just about to ask that too! I agree on the others, especially Metroid: Other M and Final Fantasy 8.

ReservoirDog3163547d ago

Haha, I clicked just to say that too. I swear, I remember thinking I skipped the ending cutscene, replayed the end and then figured out bungie ran out of money at the last second.

Goomb3547d ago

I have to say my most disappointing moment in a video game was the ending of Beyond Good & Evil. I thought everything was over, but no. To top it off, the cliffhanger leads to a sequel that was never made. What a shame!

kramun3547d ago

The ending of 2033 disappointed me, I thought it would be a bit more satisfying but it was more of a whimper than a bang. Having said that, I will be going through it again at some point because the rest of the game is awesome.

KonGreat3547d ago

I was disappointed by metro 2033 because I thought there were multiple endings. Because Artyem asks if it could have been differently. I tried not to kill the being to just be killed rather than getting a different ending that i anticipated.

kramun3547d ago

Well apparently there are only two endings, a good ending and a bad one. I read up on it yesterday and apparently you have to get moral points by listening to certain conversations and helping people to get the good ending.

I'm going to try and get the good ending on my next playthrough.

ReservoirDog3163547d ago

There are two endings actually. He could've done things differently.

Though more than likely, the ending you got is probably the canon one. The sequel is built off the "bad" ending.

ignorantsonsof_3547d ago

I'm really tired of the complaints over this scene from Metroid other m. I mean imagine some guy killed your parents when you were a child, and you thought you had already taken care of him. Then all of a sudden he reappears perfectly fine, wouldn't you, even if just for a moment, flash back to the terror you had when you were a child? Now I admit the scene was really over the top, but since when has Nintendo NOT been over the top with anything they do? And just because you want to see Samus as some emotionless killing machine, it does not mean that's what they had in mind even with the first Metroid game. Samus has always shown emotion in subtle ways, and I feel it shows more strength that she overcame the sudden flashback of fear and still kicked his ass. I bet any of you people who complained about this would piss your pants and just die in a situation like that. And I know I'm going to get a lot of disagrees but I couldn't care less, I thoroughly enjoyed Metroid other m and you can't change my mind about it. I've already played it like 5 times, and no I didn't skip even one cutscene.

AWBrawler3547d ago

Where the hell is Shenmue?

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