Press Pause: Gears of War 3 vs. Madden 12

Dan "Shoe" Hsu is the Gears of War 3 player. Press Pause Host Carlos Rodela is not.

Carlos is the Madden NFL 12 player. Shoe is not.

On this week's Press Pause, they both sort of sell each other on their games...but it's "sort of" because they're not entirely convinced their respective titles are worth pushing too hard. See what they have to say about the latest installments in these series, and why they think the other guy may or may not like them.

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NagaSotuva3206d ago

Madden NFL 13 should include a "beast mode" so Shoe and Carlos can play together.

RockYou3206d ago

beast mode? like the Transformer's cartoon?

Sadie21003206d ago

Haha, I think these guys are actually talking the other guy out of playing these games. :)

choadley3206d ago

How can a game that uses the same assets for years still be unfinished?

SybaRat3206d ago

Madden needs more chainsaw kills.

NoobJobz3206d ago

Shooter vs a sports game?