X-Men: Destiny Launch Trailer prepares gamers for immminent release

GameDynamo - "Activision and Silicon Knights are about to release X-Men Destiny to the world. Starting tomorrow, September 27, three new heroes will shape the fate of mutant-kind."

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CoryHG3446d ago

I don't even get why this game is getting released. The game looks like a ps2 game and you can't play as any of the xmen, and you don't create your own dude.

LightofDarkness3446d ago

Well that looks mundane, and full of character inaccuracies.

Magneto would never say "you fought like a warrior, there's a place for you in my brotherhood." That's what Klingons say. Magneto doesn't care if you do your job with honour, he only cares that you do your job.

Juggernaut doesn't really like mutants and would never ally with a brotherhood full of them (apparently he did this recently, but only to bring them down from within).

Looks like another ill-conceived and cheesy effort from a studio that hasn't enough respect for the subject matter to treat it seriously and with respect to it's lore. Don't be surprised to see hilariously low review scores.