Will Christmas sound the death knell for Atari?

The Atari brand is finally on the verge of disappearing. The company has been making big losses, cutting staff and selling off existing game titles. Now it begins to run out of money. This holiday season is pretty much its last chance as it will need to spend virtually every cent it can lay its hands on finishing and promoting the few games it has left.

[ Published by Rethink Research, a London-based publishing and consulting firm, on its weekly newsletter Faultline via The Register on 18th November, 2007. ]

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TheExodus3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

EXCELLENT! Hopefully Nolan Bushnell is still waiting to buy Atari back. He lost his last bid back in '93, but maybe the 3rd rate hacks who've been milking the brand for the last decade have devalued it enough that he won't have any competing bids this time around.

Spike473988d ago

just announce driver 5 for the ps3 and 360.

Chubear3988d ago

I'm not sure about this but I think Ubisoft attained the Driver series from them earlier this year.

Covenant3988d ago

If this is their swan song, then so be it. They almost single-handedly caused the video-game crash of 1983 and have been mostly a slight shadow of themselves ever since. But in their heyday, Atari was king. If Bushnell can revive them, more power to him.

The irony here is that Activision, currently the biggest 3rd party company in gaming, was formed mostly by a bunch of--you guessed it--disgruntled former Atari employees.

Salvadore3988d ago

They must be feeling very happy where they are now.

Tyler Durden3988d ago

damn what the hell hapened driver 1 and 2 were badass sh*t man now its all gone

Chubear3988d ago

Driver 1&2 were heavy hitters in their own right but then the developers ignored this and kept trying to make the series a GTA clone type thing.

This franchise didn't deserve to be put in the labled barrel of GTA clones. It was a solid franchise in it's own right.

Argh!!! I jsut get soooooo mad when I think about it.

Tyler Durden3988d ago

i comepletly understand and agree i think that their down fall was trying to make the game more gta-ish instead of trying to be thir own franchise sh*t back then i would have picked driver 2 over gta 2 any day

Relientk773988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

yea theres a recent article on this site saying the Sony Playstation 3 needs a hero.... the real company who needs a hero is Atari

long live Atari ... do some brainstorming u need to get out of this slump,

release more Atari 2600 games !!!!

Atari 2600 owns

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