$399 PS3: Third-party TV spots - include MGS4 and Haze footages

Two TV spots in the USA for the $399 PS3 and its third-party titles:

• TV spot no. 1 includes: Burnout Paradise, Time Crisis 4, Madden NFL 08, and Metal Gear Solid 4.

• TV spot no. 2 includes: Metal Gear Solid 4, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, Assassin's Creed, and Haze.

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Vojkan5682d ago

I think it is a little unfair that they use MGS4 in those adds. Game will be released in Q208(if it doesn't get delayed all the way to Q408).

Jamaicangmr5682d ago (Edited 5682d ago )

I genuinely can't tell if you're really serious, i honestly hope your jokin though.

AznSniper5682d ago

Japan has Final Fantasy XIII TV spots so I don't know what you are talking about.

dhammalama5682d ago

Damn those cheating bastards! Making a trailer and showing it before summer 2008!

Foliage5682d ago

I think I was watching Halo 3 ads when production had not started for the game. Untwist your panties.

Lifendz5682d ago

It's not unfair at all. They clearly say "coming soon." As in COMING SOON. Not out next week! Unfair to advertise games that are coming to the system early next year? You make me laugh. People still get to choose what they want. I think you're just scared that most people, given a choice, will opt for MGS4 instead of the overhyped Mass Effect and the Halo 2.5, ahem, I mean Halo 3.

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kss5682d ago

commercial is cool, music sucks...

Beren5682d ago (Edited 5682d ago )

You guys never have something good to say about the PS3? come on stop the hate please :/

Jamaicangmr5682d ago

Exactly and it's gettin rediculous to be honest.

Counter_ACT5682d ago

None of that MGS4 footage was new...

Jamaicangmr5682d ago

Yes that true but did that make it any less effective?

wind_dragon5682d ago

it was very effctive and made me want to buy a 2nd PS3 because i honestly can't wait for MGS4....Bubble 4 u.

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