Mass Effect: Voice Talent Spotlights, Outtakes, and Sci vs. Fi

Four video clips of voice actors for Mass Effect:

• Voice Talent Spotlight 1: Behind the scenes with Seth Green, the voice of Joker, the best pilot in the alliance fleet

• Voice Talent Spotlight 2: Behind the scenes with Keith David (Captain David Anderson), Lance Henriksen (Admiral Hackett), and Marina Sirtis (Matriarch Benezia)

• Seth Green Outtakes during his recording session

• Sci vs. Fi: Sci Fi Channel's special featuring voice actors and developers as well as in-game scenes

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ichimaru3987d ago

an all star cast to say the least

PlayStation3603987d ago

I was wondering why Jokers voice sounded so familiar. I can't believe I didn't figure that out :P I'm surprised Green didn't try and advertise Robot Chicken. lol