BioWare opens Old Republic customer service center

With Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare is traveling to a galaxy far, far away to bring gamers a new experience. But the developer isn't trekking that far to open a new customer service center to help gamers through their journeys

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ATi_Elite3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Whoa! way to outsource more American Jobs! smart move idiots. You could of hired 100 laid off workers and 100 U.S. Veterans in the states to run your customer service center and got an Obama Tax credit (once our sorry poop butt congress passes it)!

Sorry but if i have a problem with your game i sure as hell don't wanna speak to "Peggi" from where ever the phuck, Ireland! I rather speak with a bunch of techno geeks who have been within 2 miles of Skywalker Ranch and can recite R2D2's lines in the movie bleep for bleep!

Sorry i just have ZERO confidence in those doing customer service who just learned about the product 5 minutes ago!!

Next time hire Americans cause i'm 100% positive Americans will be your biggest consumer of this game!

Sorry for the rant but my patriotism flared up!!

Soylent_Green3211d ago

Actually I think you'll find that Bioware is a Canadian company and as such they're outsourcing Canadian jobs. I'm Irish by the the way and I've never once heard of a "peggi." care to elaborate on what that is?

ATi_Elite3211d ago

Ghee Whiz you never heard of "Peggy"

well here you go!!!

Soylent_Green3211d ago

Ha no we don't have that add in Ireland. I guess I'm on a little bit of a patriotic buzz myself. Both off our countries are starving for jobs. I know a large majority of American pharmaceuticals are produced over here which is wrong but we still have to pay more for them here then any other country in Europe which is just bare faced robbery....

Thats way off topic so I'm shutting up now