Flight Simulator X: Acceleration - Eurogamer review

Eurogamer writes:

"An Aladdin's alcove of new aircraft, missions, scenery areas, and experiences, Acceleration immediately stands-out in the crowded world of FS add-ons thanks to its size and eclecticism. Most of the packs produced by publishers such as Just Flight, Aerosoft, and Flight 1 contain one plane type only. This one boasts three high quality machines that couldn't be more different. For flying incredibly fast you've got a remarkably detailed F/A-18 Hornet strike-fighter. For flying incredibly slowly you've got a versatile EH101 whirlybird, and for flying incredibly stylishly there's a gorgeous P-51 Mustang (de-gunned, sadly). Had ACES been generous enough to include an A380 or a 787 then just about every element of their customer base would have been catered for."

"It's taken them twenty-odd years, but MS have finally realised that not everyone buys realistic non-combat flight simulations to Sunday-drive Cessnas, and autopilot Airbuses. FSX have added a welcome dollop of drama to a staid series, and this official expansion pack continues the good work."

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