OnLive's response to GameStop's voucher-pulling practices

OnLive's VP of Games & Media John Spinale has criticised GameStop's decision to remove vouchers included in last month's release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that offered consumers access to a free cloud-based copy of the game, telling GamerZines that GameStop's practices "didn't put the customer's interest first".

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Venjense3208d ago

Gamestop are POS for pulling the vouchers depriving consumers of all that they paid for. I'm not buying from them anymore - I'll just go to Best Buy.

gamingdroid3208d ago

I don't agree with the practice, but consumers paid for what they got at the counter... The same way, some consumers paid less for a game at one retailer as opposed to another one.

cyborg69713208d ago

At droid wtf are you trying to say? They bought a game that had an extra, that was taken out without any notice and your defending this?


gamingdroid3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

No, what you buy is what you get at the store at the POINT OF SALE. Not what the manufacturer packs in.

The retailer decides what they want to sell and you have the choice to accept the sale or not. Now if it said on the box that it includes the "item" and it wasn't then that is false advertising.

Because you "as a consumer" *feel* wronged, doesn't make it wrong. The retailer has rights to... in this case, the retailer waived their rights due to consumer uproar and made amends.

I don't like GameStop, but they are entitled to their rights. Of course, I wouldn't shop from there because GS seems to never be consumer friendly.

DaCajun3208d ago

It's ok though because as far as I know Onlive holds a patent for cloud gaming which they were granted earlier this year so if they want can make it a bitch for Gamestop or anyone else trying to get in the cloud gaming market.

pctrollv43208d ago

gamestop is for console noobs..some ppl dont even know that they dont give you a new game, its always refurbished and wrapped thats it. Go to best buy for new games.

contra1573208d ago

Power to the players .....sike