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Cloudberry3208d ago

At 0:41 you could see some of weapons of R3, I think...

andron3208d ago

Yeah, maybe some R3 DLC?

Cloudberry3208d ago

So Resistance 3 & MGS 4 maybe?

iamnsuperman3208d ago

@Cloud Berry. there is more than that. I suggest an event or the relaunch of Home or some sort of service that combines all the games. So many games hinted in this trailer

ksense3208d ago

it is relaunch of ps home guys. they have been talking about it for awhile. the promoted comment on youtube says it well

"A new PS Home... :(

Because people go to a place, where they carry no guns, and come from all diffrent games.

Blacktric3208d ago

At 0:20 there's the icecream truck from Twisted Metal. This has NOTHING to do with any of the particular games you guy counted. It's probably for the Home relaunch since those two soldiers drop whatever they have to enter a room/hub.

Nitrowolf23208d ago

It's a Trailer for LONG LIVE PLAY
Just go over on Playstation Youtube Channel.

we barely know what LONG LIVE PLAY is so

MrDead3208d ago

Yellow eyes in forest, Sweet Tooths truck, MGS Robot, LBP marble, Resistance guns, Parappa the Rapper postcard Im sure I've missed other things........ I dont know.

meetajhu3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

No its something related to PS Home.

Why o why3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

good spots guys. Loads of games hints heading to one place

FlashBack3208d ago

Saw the Ratchet tool , infamous 2 amp and I think a killzone 3 gun in the weapons shelf

trenso13208d ago

Also at 0:40 you can see ratchets wrench and lightnings gun blade is right next to the solider closest to us as he put the gun down so we ff13 ratchet and clank mgs4 and r3 are in the trailer

torchic3208d ago


that's right. Sackboy had to leave his prize bubble in the basket @0:36

you got it spot on.

Kleptic3208d ago

i love how the title suggests...the playstation 4?...

there is not ONE thing in there that would give any indication of any type of hardware...

NukaCola3208d ago

As soo as the come in the sign above the door looks to say LONG LIVE PLAY in latin.

teething3208d ago

You are all wrong. THis is a "key party". Everyone puts their keys in the container, and when it is time to go home, you grab a set of keys, and that is who you go home with and *uck.

goodfellas273208d ago

It could be anything. We'll just have to wait and see...

PS3Freak3208d ago

I also heard the siren from one of the resistance games in the background.

pixelsword3208d ago

I don't know the first gun on the rack,

the 2nd one is a StA 52 from Killzone 3 (Standard Issue for the Assault Infantry class)

The 3rd one (the one the soldier put down) I can't see

The 4th one is an Auger from the Resistance series (S.I. for Steelheads)

The 5th one (the other soldier) I can't see)

The 6th one looks like a sniper rifle from SOCOM/MAG, maybe?

The 7th gun looks like Ratchet's.. er, ratchet?

The 8th one looks like a StA-X3 W.A.S.P. launcher (mounted/dismounted missile launcher) from Killzone 3

That table near the beautiful woman is for money, not keys; I can't tell what most of the money is, but I think the paper money is Soviet-era money? The blue glowing thing kinda looks like Nanotech (currency [of sorts]) for Ratchet and Clank games

They are all hints, I just don't know them all. The two guys may be WWII soldiers from the up and coming Battlefield 1943, perhaps?

I don't know who the woman is, but behind her is a wanted poster. Also, it looks like Thumper's car in a pic just above and behind her (Thumper is from the Twisted Metal series).

I think it's for home, because at the end of the commercial they have the PSN logo; and Parappa is not online, so it's probably not a singular game in and of itself.

The other hint is that it looks like you can maybe go right from playing the game to home?

BattleAxe3208d ago

Its a new Sony IP called "Whore House: A Call to Duty".

Nexgensensation3208d ago

C'mon who didnt see this coming? lol

FACTUAL evidence3208d ago

I think I know exactly what it is. Probably game tournaments hosted by playstation. It will probably be implemented on the xmb, or an app through home, to wager up on a game you want to play competitively.

Danteh3207d ago

didn't anybody see the glimpse of a figure at 0:51?
Looks like a bald man, kinda resembling Kratos although I doubt it's him. Any suggestions?

SilentNegotiator3207d ago


Sony Smash Brothers :)

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Dart893208d ago

Yea you can clearly see the Auger.

hakis863208d ago

Don't know why the website thinks it teases PS4? oh yeah they want clicks..
Obviously not PS4. Maybe a UI update people??

Guitardr853208d ago

Its long live play...It says that in Latin above the sign as the soldiers walk in!

Nitrowolf23208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Who the F is that man at the end
you barely see him

any way Resistance 3 weapon, Twisted Metal Truck,MK2 (MGS games) and LBP bubble maybe? Lets not forget the whole WW2 theme soldiers.

What could it be?

october 5th is a day

joab7773208d ago

Its the integration of long, live, play w ps3 for the vita launch

PRHB HYBRiiD3208d ago

kratos does not have long hair lol

gaffyh3208d ago

I don't see any long hair on the last guy. This is a great teaser, whatever it's for, cos it's definitely got everyone talking.

1Victor3207d ago

lol no one saw the two headed dog when the guys walk in @.27

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B-Real2063208d ago

There are a lot of little teases going on in this video. Right before they walk into the house you can hear Sweet Tooths' ice cream truck. The little metal gear robot is in there for a second as well. The little big planet ball is in the dish.....who knows what this is about. 10.5.11 is when we will find out....unless it leaks earlier :)

Soldierone3208d ago

Didn't see anyone mention it but the sirens are from Resistance also, they used it for the R3 trailers if you want to make the connection. I also believe the soundtrack itself is a mix of a couple games, sounds like Resistance and Killzone.

The very beginning doesn't it look like the beginning of MGS3? When snake is stuck in the tree and falls out.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3208d ago

you can also hear the resistance sirens in the background at 0:17

crematory3208d ago

they should fix their shitty servers before even think people make DLC

vyke33208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

What shitty servers? The only games that lag with me on the PS3 are Black Ops and MW2.

Ayepecks3208d ago

My thoughts exactly.

Plus the Playstation 3 logo is at the bottom at the end of the trailer/commercial. I don't think you'd be promoting a new console with the previous console's logo. If it were the Playstation 4, the Playstation and/or Sony logos would likely be the only ones to appear.

Pl4sm43208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )


-Final Fantasy XIII

-Killzone 3


-Ratchet & Clank

-Twisted Metal

-Metal Gear Solid 4


-Parappa the Rapper

-God of War

something from all this games are in this trailer

DeFFeR3208d ago

It's gotta be Home or Long Live Play... right?

I can't think of anything else that would incorporate those characters - unless MAYBE it was an ad-teaser for the 3D television bundle (maybe with a game or 3?) Purely speculation on my end however.

torchic3208d ago


Long Live Play is their new catch phrase. like it was before.

Getowned3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )


how I see it is that it's like everyones checking in,you hear and see all this stuff from outher games..lmao am i the only one that laughed because sackboy paid with a bubble.

Zydake3208d ago

i heard they were gonna make a FPS for Home this might be it.

Xalaris3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

You lost me with FFXIII and WipEout...
where exactly did you see them?

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hilyou3208d ago

there were also resistance sirens at around 0:19!

Crazyglues3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

It's the re-launch of home, after seeing the little robot and the R3 weapons, and the fact that they are going into a room with out their guns, I'm assuming it's like a meet-up..

So all signs point to the relaunch of home, how you can play with your friends launch games from home and then come back to home when your done playing, at least that's what I think the trailer was trying to show..


mattiebo1233208d ago

A lot of you seem to be missing the reference at the very start of the video. The soldier is stuck in a tree hanging by a parachute - an Uncharted reference.

No idea what it could be though. Everyone seems pretty sold on it being the PS Home thing.

DeFFeR3207d ago

I know it's over a day old now, but couldn't it also be PSVita related? If we were to get all of those game on the Vita... drools.

Tommykrem3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

OMG it's cross game chat!
They have Resistance, MGS and many other PS games in there (including Parappa the Rapper). That has to be it, come on! Or some other feature that ties games together. For some reason that suddenly struck me as more likely. PS Suite.

stevenhiggster3208d ago

lol, good thinking, but I doubt it sadly.

Tommykrem3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Also, it can't be PS4 or Vita, can it? It's part of the PS3 campaign long live play and the PS logo appears at the end. It's very likely that it is the Home update.

n4gisatroll3208d ago

It could be the PS Suite, for android phones. I wouldnt mind finally getting the app.

Tommykrem3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

*PS3 logo - therefore it is PS3 related I think.

Legion3207d ago

Why would it be any of those features with this type of advertising?

Obviously the building looks like some form of lodging or underground event house.

Likely that the previous posters are correct in the Relaunch of Home. Or something more in line with that thought. Cloud based service wouldn't be too far off the mark either considering the ad campaign premise.

Adityac3202d ago

You see... Sony has confirmed that there will be NO Cross game chat, all the RAM is used from the game. None of it is left to support X-Game Chat my friend...

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n4gisatroll3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

My first feeling was it has something to do with a proper Socom.


HAHA ya I heard it my second time watching it.

QUNE3208d ago

Ya... I coulda swore when that door opened I heard, "green up people"!!! !

REDGUM3208d ago

No, no, no. It's playstation 4 getting released on the 5th of October 2011. Wow so close. Comes out before Battlefield 3 as well. Can't wait, sooooo excited. lol.

Aither3208d ago

I personally think this is a set up for cross game chat. A few reasons as to why.

1. The soldiers represent players from a game like Resistance.

2. They are going into a bar or hotel (which probably represents a chat room) where people from other games are as you can those people talking inside.

3. It is apparent that you have to pay for this service as they leave a currency on the plate in order to go in.

So I think this is all a set up for cross game voice chat finally. But that is just my opinion.

Legion3207d ago

Again, think about the ad and why they would use this premise to advertise cross game chat? It has no correlation to any CHAT function in it's advertising.

If it was a bar or chat room then you would more then likely see that highlighted versus the premise of game characters checking into an establishment which is what we actually saw.

A chat ad would likely hit more on interaction with characters themselves or others. Nothing in this ad represents communication.

Aither3207d ago

Then if not it would be awesome if it was a Super Smash Brothers type game for the Playstation.

jwatt3208d ago

Did anybody else notice the eyes at 0:16?

bobbyluv3208d ago

you can see lightnings gun on the gun rack

Eske3208d ago

New PS Home sounds right.

MsclMexican3208d ago

Resistance - Soliders and some weapons on the wall
Twisted Metal - Sweetooth van before the soldiers walk into the INN
Parappa the Rappa - Calender behind the woman
Ratchet and Clank - Ratchets wrench on the wall
MGS4 - MK2 behind the dogs.
Killzone - Weapons on the wall
Little BIg planet - blue orb in the dish
God of War - At the end of the trailer when the date appears, a man moves in the background, Its Kratos
Playstation Network - PSN symbol can be seen at the top of the desk at around 27 seconds.
Uncharted - Iconic parchute scene at the beginning of uncharted, the plane sounds like the one from uncharted when drake parachuted away.
Final Fantasy 13- Lighting's sword can be scene on the weapon wall. Its the very first one.

This is what some one found in this trailer

It is most likely about the home redesign or PS store redesign..... or some crazy crossover of all the sony franchises into some epic fighter... yeah, most likely that

terry42423208d ago

Maybe it is Agent!!!!!