2 New videos of the mystery PlayStation 3 Move game emerge

Developer Santa Monica Studio and Polish demoscene group Plastic of God of War fame have released 2 new videos of the mystery PlayStation 3 Move game.

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Rod2273684d ago

where are the videos ?

jdfoster3684d ago

The two videos have been out for ages! This is quite old (relating to the new vids anyway)

NewMonday3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

for a moment i thought the hand will touch the statues breast :P

apparently its from the makers of Linger in Shadows, that strange PSN "interactive art",I'm getting a Myst meets Silent Hill vibe from this one

myripley23684d ago

I believe Eurogamer got sent the 2 videos

Bigpappy3684d ago

I don't get the joke. Will some one please explain?

hilyou3684d ago

come on santa monica! just tell us wat this game is! this game looks pretty cool, and judging from this video, this game is going 2 be rated m/18. because of the statue with one breast naked.

lociefer3684d ago

if it turns out ur controlling a blind guy seeing the world as what he touches it im gonna buy a ps move for it

beast242tru3684d ago

i think its about time i invest in a move to try it out on all these games that it supports hardcore and casual.

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The story is too old to be commented.