2 New videos of the mystery PlayStation 3 Move game emerge

Developer Santa Monica Studio and Polish demoscene group Plastic of God of War fame have released 2 new videos of the mystery PlayStation 3 Move game.

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jdfoster4384d ago

The two videos have been out for ages! This is quite old (relating to the new vids anyway)


NewMonday4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

for a moment i thought the hand will touch the statues breast :P

apparently its from the makers of Linger in Shadows, that strange PSN "interactive art",I'm getting a Myst meets Silent Hill vibe from this one

myripley24385d ago

I believe Eurogamer got sent the 2 videos

Bigpappy4384d ago

I don't get the joke. Will some one please explain?

hilyou4385d ago

come on santa monica! just tell us wat this game is! this game looks pretty cool, and judging from this video, this game is going 2 be rated m/18. because of the statue with one breast naked.

lociefer4385d ago

if it turns out ur controlling a blind guy seeing the world as what he touches it im gonna buy a ps move for it

beast242tru4384d ago

i think its about time i invest in a move to try it out on all these games that it supports hardcore and casual.

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PS 4 needs to be able to do 4K HD gaming to be future proof

When the PS 3 launched way back in 2006, one thing it came out with that no other console had was Blu-ray Disc player. The inclusion of Blu-ray to the PS 3 is one of the main reasons why the PS 3 is very successful today. The fact that it can play HD movies as well as games makes it a number one choice for anybody who is looking to buy a console that can ‘play it all’. But that’s not to say it didn’t come at a cost. In fact, one of the major reasons why the console was delayed for almost a year was because Sony did not get enough of the Blu-ray parts it needed for its PS 3 production that year so they had to push their launch date a little further ahead to meet up with supply. The Blu-ray was also one of the main reasons why the console was very expensive when it launched. The decision to include a Blu-ray with the console almost lead to its downfall, but in the end it paid off and proved to be a wise decision on Sony’s part.

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OneAboveAll3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

There is really no need for 4K resolution. Not unless the games have such high resolution textures that you can see a fart particle on someones pants and i highly doubt that will happen because high resolution textures are very expensive and taxing.

Also, TV's and Monitors capable of 4K Res are in the thousand dollar range. And when I say thousand dollar range I mean more like $7,000 to $40,000...

The Sharps Eyevis is $53,000. Keep dreaming.

Amplitude3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Future proof.
In the future, it wont be $53,000.

And also the "WE DONT NEED IT ITS 1080p IS FINE" argument is absolutely ridiculous. You probably said the same thing about 480p. "I dont need bluray cause i dont need to see the sweat on peoples faces! You cant even see the difference unless you *whips out ridiculous chart* sit this distance from the screen!"
I was talking to my room mate about 4K TVs and he said "Thats too much. It doesn't need to be that realistic". I think it's the stupidest thing anybody could ever say about technology.

The new iMacs have 2560 x 1440 screens at only 27 inches.
Im 100% sure that 4096 x 2304 TVs will exist at semi-affordable prices within the next few years as they get mass produced and people start seeing them.

THAAAT BEEEING SAAAAID i dont think the PS4 needs it. The cost increase would be way too much for riiiight now. Maybe save it for a PS5 and let it just chill on PC for the really wealthy people

joab7773943d ago

We dont need any of this but processing power will get better and it will happen. Then, 60 inch tv from a distance will look like a 30 inch. We will want it. Maybe they can build the ps4 4k ready somehow like 3d so that when its reasonable to buy, it can b used...even if u hav to drop a few bucks to upgrade. This may require hardware that is too expensive though without taking a big loss, so we will have to c. My money is that it will happen and be big.

Kennytaur3943d ago

iMacs are designed for editing, and you don't sit 2 or 3 meters away from them.

Hatsune-Miku3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I agree that ps4 needs to be able to do 4k gaming to be future proof. The reason why most people now would be opposed to the idea is because it'll be something unattainable for them because the 4k teli will be expensive. I love the idea and as soon as 4k teli can reach a price of £5000 ill get one. 4k telis are very expensive now and by next year there will be 14 different models on the market for sale and each new coming year the model count will increase and prices go down.

I remember people use to say that blu rays are unnecessary, just like high definition telis would be unnecessary, ipads and all sorts. The people that sit around playing games all day can simply go out and work then they'll be able to afford more things. Also, not everyone is suppose to have everything they'd like. Sometimes you have to do without .

I hope ps4 can do 4k and I believe it will since Sony is already selling two different types of 4k res telis now. They'll be quite affordable in 2-4 years just like plasmas and all other new tech

insomnium23943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

In all honesty Sony has done enough to progress the industry. They can take a brake for one gen if (when) it means there is less risk involved financially.

It's enough if we get 60 fps and 1080p imo. You have streched enough for the industry Sony. No need to go the extra mile and provide a 4k console since you KNOW all you get is s*it from the media for it. I think PS3 is more than enough proof of that.

sikbeta3943d ago

Read on Gaf long ago:

*Sony 89' 4k TV = $40000*

more than a car... WTF!?

Tech is too expensive right now, they better don't release a console @ $600 again if they want the PS4 to sell well right from the start, IMO anything over $400 will be a tough sell...

ProjectVulcan3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

3840 × 2160 is 4k UHD.

Firstly, there is no way that a console out in a year or even 2 will run games in this resolution. Anyone that thinks it will is probably brain damaged. Not even 2560 x 1600 is that common on PC right now (0.20 percent on steam)

This is besides the fact it is pointless on virtually all size screens 99 percent of the population have inside their homes. You just wouldn't really see such a massive resolution unless you were gaming sat at a desk. If you were gaming on a sofa at least 8 feet away you would need a redonkulously huge screen to tell the difference.

http://3dtvscdn.3dtvs.netdn... Just to see 1440p you need roughly a 70 inch screen at 8 feet.

Now think about 2160p.

Fact is this is unrealistic, and unnecessary for 95 percent of people gaming on consoles in the next 5 years.

1080P is all most people will need. 60FPS is unlikely to be mandatory, more like 30FPS because most developers prefer to push visuals than have the higher framerate. http://www.1up.com/news/lat...

The writer of this article is a bit of a clown and living in cuckoo land.

solideagle3943d ago

Now this is the problem, Now everyone asks this and that and pressurize Sony. Then Sony will release an Expensive Console and everyone/website will become cry babies...Let the Next Gen article war begins.

Leio3943d ago

No but we arent in the future and i dont want the PS4 to have a futuristic price