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"Square-Enix’s latest, true entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII, has completely reinvented the series. FFXIII was the first non-MMO in the series to be released on the Xbox 360. Along with the strangeness of it being multiplatform, many gamers were thrown off by how different this title was from previous entries. The lead role in this game is female, which has only been done a few times before (Only in 6 and X-2. Yes, that game exists). She seems to be roughly based off of Cloud as far as her background goes. She is an ex-soldier (no, not SOLDIER from FFVII) but has since started fighting against the government."

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Raichu503214d ago

wow this guy like this game a little too much

RyuHoshi3214d ago

You're crazy. FFXIII is one of the greatest games of this generation.

kingdavid3214d ago

Give me some of the hard drugs you're on.

AllroundGamer3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

didn't you get the memo? FFXIII is one of the worst FF games ever... so boring and linear...

WhiteLightning3214d ago

Don't know why people are fighting this still

FF13 sucked...hard

The majority of gamers have accepted this, why do the FF13 try to say other wise, just like the game don't be bothered if we don't like it...even with good reasons

It wasn't a true FF game, it was called anything other then FF it probably would of been given the benefit of the doubt

Tanir3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )


didn't know your opinion counted for the worlds? i hate freakazoid yet you obviously love it, i hate gears but people obviously love it. just cuz u dont like it doesn't mean its a sin for anyone else to like it.

besides u act like with think it was the best ff. cant a game be moderately good without being amazing or crap?


lol ur funny, i never said i loved 13 hahah, never said it was the best ff or even a good ff game, the game was decent, lots wrong for an ff game but it was still fun. a title doesn't make a game, it just gives it something to live up too, and no it didn't live up to it but didn't stop it from atleast trying something new and being somewhat enjoyable. not like this cod recycles and crap ton of FPS games we have this gen

MrSpace3214d ago


Here we bloody go....tanir to FF13's rescue.

How does his comment even look like he's speaking for everyone, he said means most people but NOT everyone like a 70% thing.

He's right, most people hated it, out of all my friends who are gamers 2 of them like FF13 but the thing is they've never played a FF game before.

"just cuz u dont like it doesn't mean its a sin for anyone else to like it."

Earth to Tanir....wake up...A LOT and I said A LOT of people didn't like FF13.

The game didn't live up to most people's expectations and most people were with it, don't just say someone is putting it down when theres more then that single person who dosen't like it. Honestly FF13 lovers are the worst, just enjoy the game and don't try to come up with crappy excuses why people don't like the game.

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Bleach3214d ago

Theres two things that put me off FFXIII.

One was how powerful Fang was. I do not like Fang and in a game which allows you to choose your own party (eventually) it seems redundant. It's like that game says "You can choose your own party now but Fang Lightning and Hope is the best team". I just about managed with my chosen team of Snow, Sazh and Hope but trying to kill turtles with such a team was a constant up hill struggle and i never managed to kill a blue turtle with my team.

And the other thing was the money, i don't understand why farming for money is such a tedious process, you either kill turtles for their platinums or farm perfumes and doing both for long periods becomes boring very fast. It's a shame the game didn't have a money trick similar to FFVIII.

Other than that i did actually enjoy the game. Im a big fan of sci-fi settings in RPGs and some of the areas really blew me away. Nice to see old summons return and some new faces. Nice enemy design and beautiful soundtrack.

Ddouble3214d ago

Sazh is underated but powerful. There are videos on youtube of him taking down Long guis especially with his Blitz attack. As long as you have his final weapon it should be good.

Farming on the other hand was annoying but there's a patch for making drops easier coming soon. .

Bleach3214d ago

Yes i agree, Sazh is very underrated, a great character early on.
And a patch you say? Do you know when it's coming?

just_sayin3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII-2 j/k
farming to make all the weapons is what stopped me from getting a platinum.

Ddouble3214d ago

The patch came out in Japan couple months ago so I can't see why they won't release it here as well.

Shojin13214d ago

Silky smooth graphics :)

ViktorZangiev3214d ago

Better than Final Fantasy X-2

WhiteLightning3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )


FF10-2 might of not been the best game but overall it had a very interesting and better battle system then FF13. The dress spheres were a great idea.


@Tanir....really your starting to tick me off. How immature can someone be, you keep going on about how people should keep there opinions to themselfs and how they are always in the wrong for having a differen;t opinion but to be honest, and with your comment below to prove it, your just a immature baby who hates it when someone dosen't share the same opinion as you.....oh I forgot your favorite line......."lol" or should I go with "lmao"

Tanir3214d ago

ok white lightning, you lose all credibility now, now ffx-2 is better than ff13? lmao, didn't know you enjoyed charlie's angels so much. the dressphere thing was dumb, it made all characters the same, the game wasn't horrible but it was far more linear than ff13.

you could only teleport to places with the ship, it was bad, also only 3 characters? and a stupid ending system that if you messed up once without a strat guide you would only have 99% done and would not get the real ending.....seriously, your choicces are fail, but aslong as u liked it lol

2kDude3214d ago

This game is good. Final Fantasy fan boys are just complaining on what 13 is when they're not really paying attention to the game. 13 as a whole is a pretty good game. Farming is crazy but what RPG isn't? There are some things that are wrong but don't make them seem so major. The battle system is interesting if you look at how exactly works.

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