Japan Launched Gears of War 3 with Idols You Can… *Ahem*

Kotaku: Ayaman Japan is a trio of girls who love to party. There's Ayaman, the outfit's leader and "Crotch Boss" (the group also has a "Boob Boss" and an "Ass Boss"). The Boob Boss, Asami Sakurada, used to moonlight as a game event companion. Now, she emcees game launch events.

Ayaman Japan consists of idols you can *ahem*. The girls appeared at the Gears of War 3 launch event, along with male comedy duo Fujiwara and eyebrowed female comedian Masayo Miyazaki.

All the females on stage at the event were supposed to be dressed like Gears of War's Anya. The key words here are "supposed to be".

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JellyJelly3212d ago

I don't think japanese gamers will like how women are portrayed in Gears of War 3 as their boobs are far too small and they seem to have a will of their own.

Legion3212d ago

"Gears is an IP that appeal to the core 18-35 year old male what does Microsoft Japan do? Well, they take the super obvious route of hiring a "music" act that appeals to preteen-teenage girls." - the problem with Microsoft Japan is that they simply have no clue!!! What they need to do is go for the sex sales ploy. Get some popular bold stars to advertise or at the least get someone like Saki Seto to promote it. Or maybe Tatsuya Fujiwara to make an appearance and promotion, from the action star aspect?

Best idea would be to create a theme event that totally transforms the event area into a Gears like world. Market yourself with one of the top rated variety shows and have them do a feature at the event with popular stars. Japanese love horror and scary scenes... they need to promote that theme over anything else.

Darken it up, sex it up, star it up, and team up with relevant sponcering to pull off a media event. Give me money to burn like they do in North America and I will turn the brand around. (maybe too late in this console now... but not too late for the next generation system!)

Lord_Sloth3212d ago

Or just realize that Japan isn't as big into shooters as the rest of the world seems to be.

RedDead3212d ago

Yeah but he has a point still. MS Japan sucks

PixL3212d ago

There are more countries in which MS Xbox division sucks. Like majority of EU.

Legion3211d ago

You know I just don't agree with that thought. I lived in Japan and had many Japanese friends and when they came over or we met online then they more often or not wanted to play a shooter. Japanese love things they can't get in Japan. They are curious about the Hollywood gunplay in movies and in video games.

Japanese gamers are some of the best team skilled players that I have came across when playing Tom Clancy titles. The main problem with shooters in Japan is they haven't been marketed properly and don't appear to the mass audience because of that.

Japanese are the only people I know that make a habit of upgrading their vehicles every year when they get their 2nd bonus check. these people will throw away perfectly good working electronics just so they have space to get the next new thing. If marketed properly they could rival the EU in their market for video games and start being relevant again in gaming. As it is now they are marketed towards shovelware games that are new but have little to no heart behind them. And the big games get the same shovelware marketing that doesn't work with new i.p.s as much.

I am just saying put some thought behind your marketing audience and then get someone that knows something about games and culture to work up an advertising campaign.

evrfighter3212d ago

I was with you until but got lost when you went weeboo

Legion3211d ago

Well I am not into Anime and am far from being Japanese... but at least I have lived there a large portion of my life and experienced it first hand.

Not too difficult to see the obvious things that Microsoft japan are missing. Just wonder why Microsoft themselves don't see it?

What is Weeaboo is Microsoft Japan that thinks they knows what the market wants. Obviously they don't.

The Meerkat3212d ago

Japan, where the term 'WTF!' is taken to a whole new level.

dredgewalker3212d ago

Agreed, I usually go 2 times the WTF's with the things they're up to.

Darrius Cole3212d ago

Indeed Meerkat, indeed.

Bubbles for you.

Gabe EatsWell3212d ago

meeehh.. If I were to form a trio of japanese girls to promote the game I would pick Haruna Kojima, Yui Aragaki and Haruka Ayase. :))

Knushwood Butt3212d ago

Ayaman are crap.

Also, Microsoft Japan haven't got a clue what they are doing.