X-Men: Destiny: Should we be concerned for Silicon Knight's super RPG? (CVG)

Tamoor Hussain writes:We're a little worried about X-Men: Destiny. Not because it's being developed by Silicon Knights, the developer behind disappointing 360 exclusive Too Human, but because it's scheduled for release in just a few days time and both its developer and publisher have been uncharacteristically quiet. It's very unnerving.

But being die-hard Marvel fans we can't help but remain optimistic. The idea of an X-Men action RPG where you're able to interact with the universe's colourful cast of characters while etching out the legend of your own hero is far too enticing.

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Criminal3212d ago

Looks really good. This might be my first x-men game. I saw first class yesterday and it was great!

nyobzoo3212d ago

yea, the game is really quite. Not to mention no reviews for the game anywhere is kind of off putting since it comes out tomorrow. I would like to know the general consensus before I consider getting the game

rello913212d ago

I feel the exact same way

Drazz3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Check you tube, theres a walkthrough with tons of gameplay. I watched some of it, wasn't really blown away but I love x-men so impulse took over and I preordered.