Non-gamers are officially an endangered species, studies reveal

OXM UK: "82 per cent of UK eight to 65-year-olds play games."

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Jam_sponge3204d ago

Headline could have been "Non-gamers: a new ethnic minority" for slightly more lulz.

dirigiblebill3204d ago

Everybody plays games, even if it's just the Sunday crossword. There's no sense distinguishing "videogames" from any other type of interactive entertainment.

Tommykrem3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I don't think crosswords would go as interactive entertainment (unless they're actually solved on a PC that gives you feedback as you fill in the answer). And drawing lines between video games and say, crosswords, makes a fair amount of sense too. At least from a business-oriented or sociological perspective.

TBM3204d ago

I know it would never happen, but i wish casual gamers would just go away.

Soldierone3204d ago

Or simply start playing better games lol

Fishy Fingers3204d ago

Why, because you some how believe your better than them because your "hardcore" or something?

TBM3204d ago

It has nothing about me being better or being hardcore. Im just tired of seeing shovelware in the top 10-20 every single week. Im tired of companies pushing that crap on us trying to make it sound like the second coming.

The reason i barely touch my 360 is because of all the focus on the stupid a$$ kinect and their whack a$$ games. Instead of creating studios to give us creative new IPs they run the same 4 franchises and stupid motion games that most of us (maybe 50%) just don't give two sh*ts about.

Minato-Namikaze3204d ago

It's more to do with certain companies abandoning their roots to make games for the casuals. MS, Nintendo some what. It's a place for casuals, just don't take my developers, lol

ShaunCameron3203d ago

Umm. Nintendo has always been about the casual crowd from day one. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby and Donkey Kong were made with the intent of appealing to as many people as possible. Making family-friendly games is nothing new to them. Remember the Power Pad? Remember Mario Paint? They left the catering to the stereotypical 15-to-34 year old male demographic to 3rd-party developers.

Microsoft? Now you have a case. And I used to think they were the least family-friendly of all the console-manufacturers.

3204d ago
ShaunCameron3203d ago

Too bad "hardcore" gamers have done nothing except embarrass the industry.

AWBrawler3203d ago

if things were your way TBM, a lot of companies including Sony and Nintendo would die. because they were kept afloat by casuals for at leat one Gen.

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ECM0NEY3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

They must have forgotten to poll attractive females bc I cant find one that games.

TopDudeMan3204d ago

"Networkers" do not count as gamers. People who play games on facebook are not gamers because they're not real games. They're ridiculous time-grabbers that are no fun to play at all.

Oh snap, that's me just got rid of 50% of those 82% of people the article just spoke about.

AWBrawler3203d ago

Gaming will never be taken seriously so long as people like your have your snobby personalities towards casual gamers, new gamers, and nongamers.

TopDudeMan3203d ago

I'm just telling it like it is...

I can call myself a gamer because I feel like I've invested a considerable amount of time and money into good, proper games and feel like I earned the title. I don't think it's realistic to put me under the same bracket as a guy who spent 20 mins on farmville.

I say if they want to stand up and be counted as gamers, then at least try playing some games...

I mean, in reality we're an unrepresented group, the gamers. Yet this survey comes out and says 82% of people within an age range call themselves gamers. Why is my local GAME shop emptier than a fancy dress shop in the middle of May, then? Why can I not have a conversation about games with 82% of all the adults I know? Because they're not playing games! They're lying through their teeth!

Gaming is still seen as something that children do, yet all these adults are playing facebook games and calling themselves gamers, yet don't want to appear childish or nerdy to other adults! Seriously? 82%? You don't find that figure strange at all?

AWBrawler3203d ago

again its that way because of those kind of attitudes. everyone starts at some point with some game. I have friends who started gaming by playing 20 minutes a week of worms.

and you don't have to invest anything to be a gamer, most children who are gamers have everything bought for them.
And Some movie buffs get all their movies free, so that's irrelevant.

If we want to be taken seriously we have to be more tolerable to those who aren't as into it as we are. I run a podcast show, and one of my costars doesn't even own a console, due to financial issues, but she plays mine for hours when she gets a chance. Is she casual? Technically yes, since she only is around my game maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks. Should she be greeted with could shoulders and being called noob? no.

I say for gaming to grow we must accept changes. Hell everyone thought the Wii was going to kill hardcore gaming, but it didn't. Does the existence of Cooking Mama on Wii make you enjoy Monster Hunter or Mario Galaxy any less? Did Katamari Damacy make you enjoy Devil May Cry on the PS2 any less? If the answer to that is anything other than No, you have issues.

TopDudeMan3203d ago

Dude, I'm not shunning anyone who plays casual games, I'm just saying that in the most straightforward sense that these people aren't gamers.

How can I explain this in a way that makes sense?

Okay, so you're sitting in a room with your PS3 or your 360 or your PC on with a proper hardcore game on it. Like really intense stuff. Say it's an RPG game of some sort and someone else walks in and sees you playing this. They ask what game you're playing. You tell them. They say "never heard of it". Now this person doesn't play games, except when they were a kid. This person looks down on you because they no longer play games. But wait... This person is in your mob on mafia wars on facebook. He's put 10 hours into that game, yet there's this gap between the two of you where he cannot understand why you play that game because he does not know any better.

Now, this is all hypothetical of course, but my point, I think is clear. These casual gamers are the ones who created this divide. Not me, not some internet snob. Casual gamers. They don't want to be considered gamers by everyone. They see the real hardcore gamers and wince because they see geeky stereotypes come alive in us. They don't want to be like us. So, it's that sort of situation. I'm not accepting these people as real gamers because they're not willing to put all those petty things aside and actually make time to play games. And you can say all you want about people being busy but if someone is serious about something they'll make time for it.

And no, I'll never be found complaining about "gaming noobs" because I welcome it. People trying to get into gaming are great. I wish them all the best. It's not like I feel like I have some sort of grudge against them for taking an interest in something that I'm already in to.

Anyway, all my comments are meant with all due respect and two people who disagree are never gonna reach any sort of meaningful conclusion in an argument. It's not like I'm gonna just start agreeing with you and that's how the argument will end. Nah, I think we'll just agree to disagree for reasons we've already stated. :)

AWBrawler3203d ago

I like your style. I see your points and your a great debate opponent unlike other N4G people. But yes agree to disagree, but I also somewhat agree that casuals also widen the gap between gamers and nongamers.

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