WipEout 2048 visuals 'comparable to PS3 version' says dev

PlayStation Vita launch title WipEout 2048 draws a similar amount of polygons per frame as the PS3's WipEout HD, Game Director Graeme Ankers has revealed, adding that the shader system used on the portable futuristic racer runs at "the same level of complexity" as its bigger home console brother.

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Chaostar3211d ago

You're aware that it's a handheld game right? A 5 inch screen doesn't require massive resolution to look 'HD'.

Pointless comments aside, even stretched out on a projector screen at Eurogamer the game looks great. Since I didn't get a chance to see it running on the Vita itself, I can only imagine how good it looks there.

UltraVegito3211d ago

The Vita has a 5inch screen.....I doubt you'll see the difference in 544p compared to 720p.The showed it playing on a TV using the ps3 and it still looked great!The Vita's visuals are breathtaking indeed :D

MasterCornholio3211d ago

My phone the Xperia Ray has this resolution

854 x 480 pixels

It isn't even close to 720P but due to the small size of the screen (only 3,3 inches) it has dense DPI. Which makes the screen appear HD even though the resolution isn't 720P

BTW i love this phone just downloaded a ton of free games for it which look incredible with this screen. But they are no match for core handheld games.

MasterCornholio3211d ago

Only possible on the go with the Vita

Enough said