Final Fantasy VIII: The Good, The Bad, And The Meh

Ogeeku: I decided to play through Final Fantasy 8 again, for the first time in over ten years. I will break the game down into several categories, detailing what I feel are good, bad, and neutral aspects of each.

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Pozzle3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Hmmm...I never really thought about it, but the orphanage plot twist really makes no sense when you think about it. Wouldn't someone have brought it up at some point in their lifetime that Squall, Selphie, Irvine, Seifer, Zell and Quistis all came from the same orphanage? Wouldn't Cid have mentioned it to them when they all teamed up ("oh look at this, the old orphanage gang is back together!")? Or when the students started losing their memories through the GFs, wouldn't someone have reminded them of their past? Or asked why none of them seem to recognize each other? Wouldn't it have seemed weird to anyone that nobody remembers their childhood (surely childhood memories would have come up in conversation at some point in their life)?

IDK why the orphanage twist even existed, tbh. It didn't really add anything to the plot because the game was already onto the third disc when it was revealed. IMO the story would have been just as strong (if not stronger) if there was no orphanage backstory. The fact that Edea was their caretaker didn't really add anything to the plot, since she ended up not being the main villain after all.

...but that's just my opinion. Maybe I'm alone here. I really loved FFVIII, but that one twist is the only thing that really bugs me. :O

RedDead3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Don't forget, Irvine remembered it all due to not using GF's for long, he just didn't bother to mention till disk 3.

Now that I look at it as well, Squall was also an extremely 'flawed' character. Not nearly as flawed as Cloud but still, his past control his actions and was afraid of bonding for half the game(also making him into a jack***). Eventually he starts opening up whereas Cloud needed a bit of help to remember if he was really himself or not just another Seph Clone(lost his mind failing to figure it out). The rest of the characters I agree with as well. Best main character in FF was Zidane so far imo, although I don't even think FF9 is as good as 7 and 8.

WhiteLightning3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

For the love of god Squall was NOT a flawed character, the game was about his journey and the game delivered.

Squalls character development was the best in ther FF franchise. From a lonely selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader but no....people like your self just view Squall as the character we see at the beginging completely ignoring the great character development throughout the game and the man Squall turns into at the end of the game.

No one ever gets's just "Oh Squalls a jerk at the start of the game"...and that's it.

@Pozzle: Yeah but Cid would of used GF's in his life aswell, everyone would of meaning they only focus on the things which have happened recently, that's why no one mentioned it to them.

Again no one thinks about these things...

Every FF has parts where you go "That dosen't make sense" and you know it's flawed but as I said every FF has that.

Peaceful_Jelly3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

And again @WhiteLightning what character development are you even talking about when Squall didn't even had a past or a reason to be such a jerk at the beginning of the game. And his sudden change of attitude was totally forced by the end of the third disc when he went to save Rinoa but before that he didn't even care about her. Seriously you should play the game again because you're obviously talking from nostalgia.

When was the last time you played this game, like 10 years ago when you were like 13 years old?

WhiteLightning3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


OMG have you actually played the game

"when Squall didn't even had a past or a reason to be such a jerk at the beginning of the game"

Mother died during child birth
Never knew his father
Got put in an orphanage which judging by the flashbacks, didn't like
Put all his trust in Ellone "sis"
Looked up to Ellone thinking she would always be there to protect him
Ellone gets taken away and all that trust is gone, Squall breaks
Squall becomes lonley and starts to trust no one and rely on himself


That's how he becomes to the person he is

I've explained this to you time after time but you don't listen. It's all in the game....mostly with the flashbacks on young Squall standing in the rain calling out for "sis" and how he's alone. <sigh>

No it's not nostalgia it's common sense because I've played the game and even recently with it being on the PSN. Everything is played out in front of you in the game, people like you though don't take notice and start to nit pick.

We get it your a FF8 hater who tries to hide it by saying you've played on it.

MrSpace3212d ago

Well said WL, it's nice to know someone has actually played through the entire game and actually took notice.

LOL at Peaceful_Jelly, didn't have a reason to be the way he is. Have you actually played through the entire game, it explains it to you. Oh look at that WL has already explained it. When was his character ever forced it's spread across the 4 discs, he dosen't just change in a flash. You know I can remember WL saying this to you before and it's like you havent even took notice. Guess your the "LALALALA, I'm not listening because I don't want to be proven wrong" type

It's great character development, he's right your just a Final Fantasy 8 hater, move along people nothing to see here.

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jeeves863211d ago

Cid: I can't run the school anymore, so imma hand it over to a 17 year old kid who clearly has some developmental problems.

BTW, not being able to bond with others, constant feelings of isolation stemming from childhood and has amnesia: developmental problems. And what exactly did his character develop into? He smiled at the end?

NukaCola3212d ago

The one thing about Final Fantasy that I love to death is that every game is connected in some way but at the same time completely seperate from each other. They all exist in a world where the threads of fantasy interlock them, but they are sealed form each other.

Well sometimes they open. Like Dissidia, or Kingdom Hearts...

Still a great series. Ups and Downs but still unforgetable.

Peaceful_Jelly3212d ago

Connected by what? By chocobos and a guy named Cid? Because those are the only similarities...

Wintersun6163212d ago

There was a lot more after Disc 2 than just going to space and a giant pillar of monsters raining down and time compression you know. And so what if it was somewhat futuristic? It suited the game very well IMO. A fantasy game can be futuristic just as well as an action game for example.


Also I'm pretty sure you could skip all the tutorials, and even with that wasn't the case, the tutorials lasted like 5 minutes combined...

Chrono3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Tutorials can be skipped by pressing the Triangle button. The article write probably doesn't know.

TopDudeMan3212d ago

This is tied with 7 and 9 as my favourite FF game. I would like remakes of the earlier games (similar to what they did with FF IV on the DS) to let me experience those, now because
I feel that the old graphics in those games are something you could only really cope with at the time but 7, 8 and 9 are still definitely playable.

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