Battlefield 3-Developer: "Hey Bethesda, stop suing people please"

Alan Kertz, Senior Designer at Dice, likes Bethesda. But he thinks that they should stop suing people. He reffers to Mojang and it's newest game named Scrolls.

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Huarle3653d ago

You know, it's his personal Twitter account so that isn't representing DICE view or something.

But what to expect, this site is really posting every tidbit about BF3 to get hits.

Shackdaddy8363653d ago

He's right though. Bethesda makes awesome games but they're acting like assholes towards Mojang.

TopDudeMan3653d ago

I also think they should stop suing people.

aman84r3653d ago

Its just one person not the studio.If it were DICE i'd say :Hey DICE,stop trolling COD but then again its mostly from EA and sometimes from DICE.